Garden and Landscape Structure PLANS

 We offer detailed sets of Construction Plans for some of our Custom Landscape Structures. All of our PLANS come with an accurate

Materials List, and some also come with Full Sized Template files

for the more difficult and critical parts.

We Email you the Image Files for each Plan Page.

Each of the Plans Pages you print out at home, and any full sized Templates

( if needed ) are taken to a Printers and printed on 1' wide paper.

* Many of our structures are in an Asian Style, and although we do

employ some traditional joinery, they are designed using

Western Style building techniques.

For instance, our Azumayas use Rafters, Ridge Beam, Rafter Ties, and

(mostly concealed) Modern Connectors instead of the

Traditional Asian Roof members.

* We also give very good Support, by email, and phone if you call us (set up in advance)

to answer your questions should you need help and advice during construction.

* All of our Plans can be further customized to fit your site *

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and License Agreement   See lines B and 3 .

* A note about your local Building Department should you need a

Building Permit. Some Building Departments won't accept plans

that weren't prepared by the Owner, Architect, Engineer, or

Builder who is licensed in your state. You may, or may not need to

pay a local professional to review and seal the plans so that your

building department will accept them. These issues should be

researched before purchasing any of our Plans.

* We also offer some High Quality Kits for some of these Structures

         Click on Images for more Subcategories, Pictures, Pricing, and Ordering Info.

Japanese Gate Plans

Japanese Gate Plans


Pavilion Plans

Pavilion Plans


Gazebo, Azumaya Plans

Azumaya Plans

Patio Cover Plan, Plans for Patio Covers

Patio Cover Plans


Solar Patio Cover Shade

Solar Patio Covers

Deck Plan, Plans for Decks

Deck Designs Plans

chashitsu plans

Chashitsu Plans

Dojo Plans

Dojo Plans

Japanese House Plans

Japanese House Plans

torii gate plans

Torii Gate Plans

Gable Roof Plans

Curved Arbor

Curved Arbor

Deck Seating Plans

Deck Seating

Japanese Railing Plans

Japanese Railing Plans

Japanese Roofed Fence Plans

Japanese Roofed Fence Plans


* We also welcome inquires for Custom Plans for other Creative Outdoor Structures you might have in mind, as we enjoy interesting new Projects ! 

We have wonderful Design Capabilities, and our 3D CAD Images help you

to properly visualize the project or structure as it evolves.

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in any way without the specific written consent of Joseph Wood DBA Woods Shop,

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