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We Have Plans for 10 + Custom Patio Covers, Many Of Which We've Built.

Plans For Patio Covers
Patio Cover Plans and Designs

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Patio Cover Plans

  12' x 21'  $50 This Is Your Standard California Patio Cover, With 2x6 Rafters

            Attached to a Ledger Board on the House. See a Similar Patio Cover

* Measurements Shown Are The Roof Dimensions

   14' x 23' 3"  Using Doubled 4x6 Rafters.

Custom Patio Cover Plan


 Patio Cover Plans

See A Similar Patio Cover

Plans for Patio Covers


  Curved Patio Covers

19' 8" x 20'

Curved Patio Cover Plans


15' x 16'

curved patio cover plan


See This Patio Cover

curved patio cover

  5 Sided Patio Cover                                                                                          

Custom Patio Cover


Custom Patio Cover Plans

 See This Patio Cover

Japanese Shade Structure.jpg


  20' X 26' 6" Designed To Meet California Wildfire Code For Fire Resistance

Wild Urban Interface Patio Cover Design


See Plans Pages



  13' 6" Square Hip Roof Designed For Max Size And Height To Not Need San Diego Permit


hip roof pavilion


hip roof pavilion designs

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All of our Patio Cover Plans meet San Diego, California Code for

Beam and Rafter spans. These Patio Cover Plans can be adapted in length and width as long as you follow your local Beam and Rafter Span Codes.

Our PLANS come with an accurate Materials and Resource List.

I also give very good Support should you need any advice!

We email you the JPG Image Files for each Plan Page which you

print out at home on 8 1/2" x 11" paper

Measurements shown are for the Roof Area. A Variety Of Lattice / Shade Materials can be used, Or For A Solid Roof Use Plywood Or Roof Sheathing, but these Plans usually call out spaced 2x4 and 2x6 Redwood Lattice.

If you don't see what you'd like, please Contact Us about a Custom Patio Cover  Design, or even modifying one of our Existing Plans to fit your Site.

See more about Custom Design at Bottom Of Page.

  25' 2 " x 10' 10" With Sloped Roof


             See Plans

patio shade plans

  20' x 16' Using Ten 4' x 8' Lattice Panels                                                                    See Plans

Lattice Patio Cover


Plans for Lattice Patio Covers

  14' x 20' With Sloped Roof 

14x20 Sloped



  15' x 23' 8" With Sloped Roof                                                      See Plans   


 18' x 19'

plans designs deck shade


plans for patio shade

See This Patio Cover

  20' x 24' Freestanding With Wide Overhangs

Patio Cover Design San Diego


Patio Cover San Diego California
San Diego Patio Cover

See This Patio Cover

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Custom Patio Cover Design

I can Design a nice Patio Cover for your site and prepare a set of Building Plans,

or work up a price to build and ship you the Wood Kit, and if you're

anywhere relatively near San Diego, come and install it.

You start by sending me an accurate Site Plan to scale, being careful to note South,

and the important measurements such as the dimensions of the house (with location and

sizes of any windows and doors), and the dimensions of the site itself including any

significant hardscape and softscape features.

 I also need some good .jpg digital photos of the area and it's surroundings.

Most importantly, some descriptive and detailed notes from you about your ideas, needs, and desires, and any other factor that could influence your Patio Cover Design.

Also research your Setback Rules, and if there are Zoning, Historical District,

or other Restrictions that apply.

 As soon as I have this information, and properly understand the scope of your project, I will supply you with a Cost Estimate for your Design. The Design and Plan Preparation Fees for most of my Custom Patio Covers range from $300 to $600, with $400 being the average.

Local San Diego area Design - Build

You send me the information as described above, then I will come spend the morning

at your site, meet you, and get a good feel for the area, further enhancing the Design Process. I'd like you to send me a few initial pictures of the area (so I can arrive a little better prepared) and, provide me with an accurate Site Plan to Scale when I arrive if possible. Being local, we can work together as we refine our Project. As soon as I work up a nice Design I'll be able to give you a price for the construction.


For Online Patio Cover Designs-

* A note about your local Building Department should you need a Building Permit.

Some Building Departments won't accept Plans

that weren't prepared by the Owner, Architect, Engineer, or

Builder who is licensed in your state. You may, or may not need to

pay a local professional to review and seal the plans so that your

building department will accept them. These issues should be

researched before purchasing any of our Plans.


To Purchase Plans, Please Contact Me directly

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