Welcome to our Japanese Style Page!

I do Appreciate Japanese Style more than any Other, especially the

Sukiya, or Teahouse Style.


Japanese Style Design more than any other, must be Simple,

be Balanced and have Harmony, and be done with Great Skill

and Care using Natural Materials.

* Many of our structures are in a 'Japanese Style', and although we

do employ some traditional joinery, they are designed using mainly

Western Style building techniques.

For instance, our Azumayas use Rafters, Ridge Beam, Rafter Ties,

and Modern (mostly) concealed connectors instead of the

Traditional Japanese way of constructing roofs.

On this Site you can see some of the Japanese Wood Structures we've built, some of which we Offer as KITS, and as PLANS. We also Welcome inquires about other Japanese Garden Structures perhaps not seen on our site.


   Below, Some of the Roofed Entry Gates we've Built

Straight Roof Curved Roof Draped Roof Inverted Curve
Japanese gate


Other Japanese Style Designs


japanese garden

         Japanese Garden

    Shoji Fence and Gate

       Koi Pond Deck



     Roofed Gate

Moon Gate

Moon Gate

Curved Arbor Gate

Bonsai Garden


Stepped Screen

Low Japanese Railing

Deck with Low Railing

Low Japanese Railing

    Low Deck Railing

Outdoor Dojo

Outdoor Dojo

Bamboo gate

Redwood and Bamboo Gate
   next to a rock spa.

Japanese Bridge

A simple, slightly arched Japanese Bridge




LINKS to two local Japanese Garden Designers in the San Diego area I can highly recommend

Takendo Arii    Traditional Japanese Garden Design- Master Landscape Architect


Kohei Owatari - Contemporary Japanese Garden Design


Japanese Garden Design San Diego


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