Gazebo Plans

8 Gazebo Plans You Can Build to Elevate Your Backyard Looks

Gazebos create a beautiful backyard. Building gazebo plans in your backyard can completely transform the space and increase your home’s curb appeal. They aren’t just about offering cooling shade from the hot sun, but they can also help make outdoor dining entertaining or simply make relaxing more comfortable.

While purchasing a gazebo kit consists of all the hardware that makes it easier and faster to install a gazebo, many find it much more satisfying and budget-friendly to gather the required materials in order to design their dream gazebo themselves. Here are 8 gazebo plans to provide to help you build your own backyard.

1. Hot Tub Gazebo

A hot tub gazebo plan can help you create shade and provide vented protection. If you’ll use downloadable plans, they will guide you to construct your desired gazebo using step-by-step directions, tool lists, and illustrations. You can even build a 14-foot by the 14-foot double-roof gazebo. Depending on your skill level and the time available, you can even be able to finish building your gazebo in a day.

2. Gable Roof Gazebo

If adding an outdoor shelter is your priority, you can these gazebo plans. It will provide your backyard with dining and entertaining surrounding. The gable roof gazebo provides an optimal size when it comes to covering most standard picnic tables and patio sets with a size of 12 feet by 16 feet. No matter what your skill level is, you can use these plans to easily set up a gazebo for you.

3. Picnic Table Gazebo

Do you want seating and roof in the same place with the same design? Picnic table gazebos can be your best choice. You can transform your backyard into a picnic spot. With the detailed plans, you can have a wooden gazebo attached to a picnic table and benches. The best part is, you can buy these plans at very competitive prices compared to the expensive ones.

4. Grillscape Gazebo

Grillscape Gazebo plans can help you construct a gazebo retreat in your backyard where your guests can relax in the shade. If you want a gazebo to be around 14 feet, a grillscape gazebo would be your ideal solution while bringing in space for a grill and patio dining set.

5. Hip Roof Gazebo

If you are looking for a hip roof-designed gazebo, these plans will provide you best results. All you need is woodworking tools to construct the 12-foot by 12-foot hip roof gazebo, and the sides of the structure can be enclosed with wood railing if you need it.

6. Oval Garden Gazebo

Apart from the usual square and circular gazebo designs, you can build an oval garden gazebo using plans that provide you with a stunning octagonal gazebo. These detailed plans are professionally drawn and easy to understand. With all the materials, cut lists, cutting templates, professional drawings, and a step-by-step process in place, these plans are simple to follow. They usually come with a 14-foot by 16-foot double hip roof gazebo style, offering enough room for relaxing outdoor space.

7. Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

The continuous roof of a gazebo is more to create a better spot for enjoying a meal outdoors, rain or shine. Using outdoor kitchen gazebo plans, you can capitalize on built-in bars for eating and drinking. The plans include a shopping list, a cut list, and detailed instructions to help you set up a gazebo.

8. Screened-In Gazebo

Open gazebos can be problematic because of the small bugs that could come along. Therefore, you can keep all those pesky bugs away with the help of a screened-in wooden gazebo with 12 feet by 12 feet measures. These plans include clear building instructions, a shopping list, a tool list, a cut list, and diagrams so as to help you build your own gazebo.

Buy Top Notch Gazebos for your Backyard

WoodsShop has been providing world-class gazebo plans with a variety of styles, designs, and sizes that you can choose from to establish a backyard gazebo.

All of our plans come with an accurate materials List, and some also come with Full Sized Template files for the more difficult and critical parts. Above all, all of our plans can be further customized to fit your site to ensure home curb appeal. So, what are you waiting for? Get your desired gazebo plans installed by professionals and achieve an attractive garden structure.

Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion

Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion: Know How to Choose One

When it comes to Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion choosing one out of three is not easy. Especially, when you are buying it for the first time, getting confused is quite common!

There’s a lot of difference between a Gazebo, a Pergola, and a Pavilion especially when it comes to their structure and usage. Therefore being mindful before choosing among all three is important.

To help you out, here is this article we will explain the in-depth comparison between Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion and suggest how to choose one according to your home space. But first, let’s understand what a gazebo, pergola, and pavilion are

Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion: The Structural Definition

What is Gazebo?
Comes in octagonal and hexagonal shapes, Gazebos are freestanding garden structures that are built spacious where one can sit and enjoy the sheltered area relaxing with your friends in space.

What is Pavillion?
Similar to Gazebos, outdoor pavilions come in varied shapes. However, the major difference that makes outdoor pavilions different from gazebos is the sitting capacity and the open architectural space it has. 

What is Pergola?
A pergola is again an open architecture, having a major difference that makes it different from a gazebo and pavilion in the upper grid pattern shade. It’s a great option if you are looking for a partial shade but not the fully covered top roof.

Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion: The Difference

Shape & Structure

It majorly comes in 3 basic shapes:

  • Octagon Gazebo
  • Rectangle Gazebo 
  • Oval Gazebo 

It comes in 4 different shapes:

  • Hexagonal Pergola
  • Square Pergola
  • Circular Pergola
  • Rectangular pergola

It comes in 4 different shapes:

  • Octagonal Pavilion
  • Rectangular Pavilion
  • Square Pavilion
  • Hexagonal pavilion

Space & Size

Some popular sizes are:

  •  8’ x 8’ 
  • 10’ x 10’ 
  • 10’ x 12’ 
  • 12’ x 12’ 

Keep in mind that the gazebo requires enough space to get set up. The smallest gazebo is “5′ x 8’” which is a grill gazebo.   


  • 12’ x16’ 
  • 16’ x 24’
  • 12’ x 12’ 
  • 16’ x 20’ (free standing) 

Can go up to 16 x 16 when preferring a customized pergola. 


  • 16’ x 16’
  • 20’ x 20’
  • 24′ x 24′
  • 28′ x 28′
  • 30′ x 30′ 

Depending on other pavilion shapes, the sizes can differ i.e., 30′, 9′, 18′, 16′, 24′,  20′ 28′, 32′.

NOTE:  Make sure to consider your home space before choosing one. A home with less backyard space can make all three appear bigger than your home. When selecting “Customization,” then considering an expert craftsman team can be helpful. 


A gazebo is used for beautifying your garden setting. It counts value to your home adding a sitting and hanging out peaceful space to your backyard.  

A pergola is used for decorating the home garden structure. It adds curb appeal to the home’s backyard by creating a partially shaded sitting space along with a sturdy open framework. 

A pavilion will be built as an independent structure or as an attachment to the building. It can serve multiple purposes such as shelter, an open meeting place, a BBQ space, or even a small living space.

Purpose of Building

The purpose of building it can be:

  • Enjoying small get together 
  • Perfect as a wedding stage 
  • Adds style, lushness, and shadow 
  • Helps in adding value to the property

The purpose of building a pergola can be:

  • To create a versatile shade area  
  • A space for celebrating events and weddings
  • Family picnic area 

The purpose of building a pavilion can be:

  • Sitting space which comes with low maintenance structure 
  • To make an extra outdoor room 
  • Durable space to save you from cold, wind, rain, and any other harming weather
  • Great build to enjoy social events 

Materials Used

It comes in three (3) different materials:

  • Wood 
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum 

Pergola comes in seven (7) different materials:

  • Aluminum 
  • Wood 
  • Vinyl 
  • Metal 
  • Pressure Treated Wood 
  • Cedar Wood 
  • Fiberglass Pergola

Pavilion comes in varied materials: 

  • Pressure treated wood
  • Pressure-treated yellow pine
  • Western red cedar
  • Rustic cedar
  • Vinyl 
  • Streel 
  • Lumber
  • Other materials (stone, brick, PVC, etc.) 

Additional Add-ons or Accessories are Available

Ceiling Fan, Canopy, heater, Screen Package, Cupola, Furniture, lighting, Plants, Screens, Privacy wall, Benches, and so on. 

Mosquito mash, Lanterns, Canopy, Outdoor netting, Curtains, Shade kit, Sun shade privacy kit, Floor mat, lighting, and so on. 

Mesh netting panels, Canopy for top, Privacy curtain, Sunshade, Mosquito netting, Pavilion patio furniture, and so on. 

Gazebo, Pergola, or Pavilion: What’s Best for Your Home?

The popularity of gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions in teams of outdoor add-ons is highly appreciated by people throughout the world. After all, it’s a great outdoor beautifying option where you not just enjoy the beautiful view but also can sit back and relax over time. But before making mind to construct any of them in your backyard, you should look over varied elements.

It is important to understand, that such outdoor beautifying elements can be a great addition but can sometimes make the home area appear a little awkward. This is due to a bad build-up plan and sometimes due to incorporating architectural features or elements of the home. 

Therefore, to find out which structure works best for your home, you must include your home’s entire elements, area, and features for successful structure selection and construction continuity. Along with that, also be mindful of design considerations such as

  • Home Architecture and Style: Ask yourself, which structure blends best with your house and exterior structure. Would you like to have a small hang-out area or a bigger one? 
  • Location and Placement: The location and placement of the pergola, gazebo, or pavilion entirely change the appearance and home-beautifying elements. When placed in the right spot it can be the destination that builds a beautiful view. 
  • Materials Used: Choosing locations and home style is not enough to determine which one would look best for your home. Considering exterior materials such as doors, pavement, side doors, floorings, etc. are also essential to make note of. This way you can make your chosen addition built with the right material. 
  • Additional Exterior Elements: Additional exterior elements such as hardscape, paths, and backyard features, what build suits your home best with it? Ask yourself to get the right answer. 
  • Garden Area: The area of your garden plays a major role in making the outdoor buildup selection. If the garden size is small then a gazebo would be great, if it’s spacious then a pergola or pavilion would be best. 

What You Have Decided? Gazebo Vs Pergola Vs Pavilion?

Whether you make up your mind for buying a gazebo, pergola or pavilion, choosing one can be challenging but worth investing your time and money in. 

Undoubtedly each of them came up with unique characteristics that are entirely undeniable. But a quick brainstorming considering “Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion and their differences” can help you a lot in making your purchase easy. 

The best part is, all three are customizable. If you are planning to get a customized one, then Woodshop can be your little secret for “Increased property value”. You can use your creativity to build a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion as per your comfort and home design.

Our WoodShop craftsman team will be there to guide you in your design journey. Helping you with customizing a well-designed and modern relaxing space under your budget for your backyard & for more information please visit our Facebook or Contact us.

Best Gazebos

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gazebos

Best Gazebos are designed to offer a range of benefits by transforming your place for both personal use and commercial purpose.

Whether you want to relax with a good book or plan an outdoor party, gazebos are always there to provide the best solution. But outdoor gazebos come in all kinds of shapes, and sizes, so you might be overwhelmed by the options and get confused about what tents to buy for the ideal use. That’s where different factors come in to choose the best and right gazebo that fits your needs.

So, if you are planning a new gazebo installation in your backyard or garden, here are some important considerations to dive into before you make the investment.  and woodsshop here to help you with the best gazebo including size, design, materials, types, & maintenance.

Here Are The 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gazebo

1. Design of the Gazebo

The design you want for your gazebo can vary based on the style you have in mind. Moreover, the size of the shelter and the garden or backyard will influence your choice of design.

The design may also depend on the location where you will install your gazebo. For instance, a small patio gazebo would be perfect for an existing deck or patio.

You can choose to look for different colors and designs that can match the theme of your house. In order to make your gazebo well-designed, consider choosing materials that can fit the looks as well as functionality. Make sure to go with high-quality material that can last longer and provides your gazebo more life. 

2. Size of the Gazebo

The first factor to consider when choosing the gazebo for you is its size of it. The size of your gazebo will depend on the purpose. While a gazebo for special occasions could be large, a gazebo for some leisure time could be small.

Always be clear about your purpose and the location where you will place it when selecting a gazebo based on the size.

Here are some general guidelines to consider for the size of the gazebo when setting it up:

  • The compact 8’ x 8’ gazebo units are the ideal solution for family sit-outs and dinners in small backyards. compact units ideal for family sit-outs and dinners in small backyards.
  • When it comes to considering the universal size of the family gazebo for the accommodation of four to six guests, 12’ x 12’ would be the perfect solution.
  • For small gatherings or business over dinner, you can choose to have a 14′ x 14′ gazebo with an optimized capacity of 13-15 persons.
  • 18′ x 18′ for permanent as well as pop-ups, this is the gazebo size to seek if you are a social animal and love entertaining groups of up to twenty guests.

No matter what the size of the gazebo will be, you’ll make up for a square gazebo since a square brings a balance between floor space and elbow room.

3. Material Used to Make Your Gazebo Tent of

The best materials to use for building gazebos include wood, vinyl, fabrics, and metal.

  • Wood: Most elements in the backyard or garden uses wood to be crafted whether it is a patio bar, furniture, or lounge chairs. The reason why wood is the most popular material for outdoor use is that it feels at home in outdoor utilities, connects you with the natural elements, and can easily blend in with your yard and garden spaces. A wooden gazebo is aesthetically pleasing and has natural materials to choose from. Speaking of the functionality of the wooden gazebo, it is nonconductive, very durable, provides natural textures, and doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Vinyl: Polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is a widely used building material. For flooring, door or window frames, and plumbing pipes, vinyl is mostly preferred. It has various characteristics such as being waterproof, climatically stable, UV resistant, stain proof, maintenance-friendly, and long-lasting. Vinyl is more affordable than wood and even doesn’t compromise on providing appealing looks.
  • Fabrics: They are considered to be used more in temporary units. They provide colorful, cheerful, and vibrant looks and styles. With the vast range of colors, designs, and patterns, you can install any type of fabric gazebo with a variety of choices such as canvas, denim, and cotton with multiple layers. With fabric gazebo tents, you can add more energy to the gathering.
  • Metal: Metal gazebos are more maintenance-friendly and barely require any maintenance. Metal gazebos are available in several designs to choose from. The best part is, each design is sturdy making it highly durable and those that are made from aluminum are lightweight too.

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4. Types of Gazebos

Types of Gazebos

You have various design options to consider:

  • Wall-backed: The wall-backed gazebos are often considered affordable. They are compact, easy to build, and have four wooden or steel pillars with curtains tied to them. Some designs have a glass or acrylic enclosures with a door. If you have limited backyard space and want a gazebo installation, wall backed gazebo would be perfect. You can keep changing the looks by simply changing the drapes periodically.
  • Pop-ups: Because of their temporary nature, they are ideal for special events and celebrations. Take out your pop-up kit from the attic, you are all set to install it on your patio. Their materials such as fabrics, screens, nets, and PVC films are not made to withstand sunlight, rain, or high winds.
  • Canopy: These are similar to popup gazebos but provide a permanent structure. With more durable roofs made from rigid PVC sheets or other UV-resistant materials, they can last under direct sunlight. The canopy is essentially an open gazebo designed to enjoy your surroundings by reading a book, making sure an affordable luxury.
  • Dome: Dome is an aesthetic variant in gazebo designs. Instead of a sloping roof falling over the hexagonal, octagonal, or square dimensions of the structure, you have a dome. It gives a colonial look to the gazebo. More importantly, you can utilize the floor space more effectively and efficiently in dome-designed gazebos because they don’t require any structural support.

5. Purpose

The type of gazebo can vary based on its purpose of use. If you are installing it for a party, you would want it to be placed in an easily accessible place. This two-tier steel outdoor garden gazebo could be a fine choice to organize parties. If the gazebo is being installed for small family picnics, wall-installed would be the right choice. Consider placing it in a shady portion of the garden, and cut the drapes and curtains accordingly.

6. Maintenance

You must be wondering how much maintenance should your Gazebo requires. If you purchase a portable gazebo tent, you want to make sure you can keep the investment well-maintained. Purchase a high-quality tent from a reputable manufacturer in the first place. With tent maintenance tips, you can ensure that your tent lasts for years in the future.

When installing your tent, make sure to follow a step-by-step process and directions. Keep all the materials in inspection to make sure the good condition of the canopy top and straps are free of holes or tears. Also, keeping your tent clean will help increase its lifespan.

Brush off all the dirt or leaves after using your tent. Once you take down the outdoor gazebo, make sure your tent leaves all the debris. Washing out your tent after use will also help keep it clean and increase its longevity.

7. Stability Requirement

No matter what’s the size of your gazebo, an important factor to consider when choosing a gazebo is its stability. Even the sturdiest of gazebos are at risk of blowing away without a proper setup and stability. So, keeping in mind the various options, consider using anchors to set up a camping tent.

Anchors need to be staked into the ground which means setting your gazebo tent up on concrete won’t work. The primary advantage of anchors is that they are easy to transport.

Using tent weights for stability is another more versatile option because they come with a more stable surface. However, tent weights aren’t as portable as anchors. Some different materials for tent weights include sandbags, water weights, concrete blocks, or weight plates.

Get your Gazebo Installed by Experts

Is gazebo installation a hassle for you? WoodsShop solutions are here for you. There is a range of gazebos of different sizes available so that you can choose the best gazebo for you which can provide you with the best solution that fits your desire and needs for example reach out to our Facebook page to see many options.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your best quality gazebo installed at an affordable price.

10 Popular Garden Gazebos For Relaxing In Outdoor

10 Popular Garden Gazebos to Relax in the Outdoor

Get ornamental solutions to beautify your backyard area, by choosing any of our listed popular garden gazebos for garden relaxation.  

Gazebos are clearly a great solution if you want to enjoy your home backyard chilling up in summer, winter, or every other possible season that sounds great for you. Outdoor gazebos are unique and can come in multiple forms, used in multiple ways. From temporary to permanent gazebo fittings, different designs & construction to varied materials. You can get a number of options to choose from.  

To help you in finding the best garden gazebo, here in this article we are listing the popular garden gazebos picks that you can choose for your backyard:

List of 10 Popular Garden Gazebos You Must Buy Today!

  1. Semi Square Permanent Gazebo
  2. Victorian Style Gazebo
  3. Japanese Style Gazebo
  4. Hampton Bay Crownhill Hardtop Gazebo
  5. Japanese Azumaya (Gazebo) Kit
  6. Penguin Aluminum Gazebo
  7. Verona Aluminum Gazebo
  8. Buffalo Round Aluminum Gazebo
  9. Acacia Gazebo
  10. Brookdale Gazebo (Cedar Wooden Gazebo)

1. Semi-Permanent Square Gazebo

 Semi-Permanent Square Gazebo


A semi-permanent square gazebo is a great option for outdoors if you are looking for a semi-permanent outdoor gazebo option. It comes in a square shape along with two tire top. It is easily installed and can be stored when needed. 



  • Easy to install
  • Highly Adjustable and can be stored when needed
  • Spacious and Ventilated 
  • Additional corner panel for better shade and rain protection 
  • Compared to wooden and aluminum gazebo architecture it is built thinner. Thus durability could be the issue. 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Square
  • Type of Gazebo – round square soft top gazebo 
  • Gazebo Size – 11 ft. x 11 ft., 10 ft. x 10 ft.  
  • Materials Used– fabric, polyester roof, steel body 

 2. Victorian Style Gazebo 

Victorian Style Gazebo

Victorian-style gazebo i.e. also known as bayside solid wood is another popular garden gazebos that you may find in most wedding or garden destinations today. It is built with red cedar wood in a victorian style and contains everything from the deck floor to pre-attached dual shingles ventilation support.  



  • A great option for permanent use 
  • Fine wood build
  • Freestanding style 
  • Yearly maintenance 
  • Since it comes freestanding, there’s a high chance of the structure becoming unstable. 

Note: You can use anchors to provide stronger support to the build. 

Best Features

    • Gazebo Shape – Hexagon  
    • Type of Gazebo – Victorian style, hexagonal with wooden roof, freestanding 
    • Gazebo Size – 12 ft. x 12 ft., 10 ft. x 10 ft., The length, width, and height can be differed based on your requirements.
    • Materials Used – Western red cedar, hardwood, redwood 

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3. Japanese Style Gazebo

Japanese Style Gazebo

Japanese gazebos are known for elegance and simplicity. This Japanese-style gazebo is a great garden gazebo option that can be assembled within a couple of hours. It comes with wooden frames built in which the top can be decorated and protected with a steel shade roof. That will protect you from the sun, rain, and heat waves. This is a great option that will beautify your home backyard with the authentic build. 



  • Great durability with the finest quality solid wooden frame 
  • Timeless, adds great beauty 
  • Comes with treated lumber so there will be no wrap or splinters
  • Over time cracks and color, removal might occur but that will enhance the beauty.
  • Since it’s timeless, you might face minimal yearly maintenance issues. 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Rectangle, Square 
  • Type of Gazebo – Galvanized steel roof, spacious and oversized longue area
  • Gazebo Size – 8 ft. x 8 ft./ 10 ft. x 10 ft. /12 ft. x 12 ft.  
  • Materials Used – Wooden 

4. Hampton Bay Crownhill Hardtop Gazebo

Hampton Bay Crownhill Hardtop Gazebo

Hampton Bay Crownhill hardtop gazebo is a rectangle-shaped gazebo that is an amazing option that is built with solid construction material providing an anchor option for better stability and support. What makes Hampton Hardtop gazebo a popular garden gazebos choice is its structure which is best to keep the rainfall out and the additional internal space to add shade or mosquito protection netting.  



  • 2 tired roofs built with solid material 
  • Comes with an anchoring option  
  • Comes with separate netting or additional adjustment area 
  • Prop area to add lighting etc. 
  • Heavy
  • Requires good space to be placed on

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Square, rectangle
  • Type of Gazebo – Sturdy top area 
  • Gazebo Size – 10 ft. x 12 ft./ 11 ft. x 13 ft. 
  • Materials Used – Steel and wooden frame 

5. Japanese Azumaya (Gazebo) Kit

Japanese Azumaya Gazebo

Also known as a tea garden in Japanese culture, the Japanese Azumaya gazebo kit is customizable and unique that will offer you aesthetic charm. Greatly used for little get-togethers and meditation spaces. Japanese outdoor gazebos are multi-tiered structures that will offer you high comfort and great serenity. 



  • Available in different roof options like – Curved, draped, and straight roofs.
  • Availability of Surrounding deck along with inner flooring
  • Underoof spacious space for free walking
  •  Customizable as per requirements
  • It aids you minimalist aesthetic look but requires a professional installer to install it safely 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape –  Square, rectangle, octahedrons, circles, and hexes
  • Type of Gazebo –  Japanese Asian style design with, extended roofs, inner flooring, and surrounding deck 
  • Gazebo Size – 10 ft’x 10 ft’, 12 ft’ x 12 ft’ , 8 ft’ x 8 ft’ 
  • Materials Used – Wooden  

6. Penguin Aluminum Gazebo 

Penguin Aluminum Gazebo

If you are looking to elevate your outdoor space then, the penguin aluminum gazebo would be an outstanding option as your garden gazebo.  It comes with an all-side covering, which will aid you with good protection from outside insects along with privacy and protection from direct sun rays. 



  • Highly durable and can tolerate any climate 
  • Freestanding 
  • Came with additional space so can be covered with canopies or net 
  • Multiple options and sizes available to choose from 
  • Since it comes treated, this might require a replacement if water is absorbed

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Rectangle, Octagon, Square  
  • Type of Gazebo – Sturdy hard top gazebo
  • Gazebo Size – 12 ft. x10 ft., 10 ft. x 10ft. 
  • Materials Used – Aluminium 

7. Verona Aluminum Gazebo 

Verona Aluminum Gazebo

Comes with a modern design and features. Verona gazebo is an aluminum build outdoor gazebo that comes with polycarbonate panels that makes it a great UV-protecting garden gazebo. It is anchored in the ground to have a better grasp and protection from stronger winds. It is a great option for family fun eats, rain, and summertime fun. 



  • Highly durable structure with aluminum roof 
  • Optimal shade protection can be treated and made rustproof 
  • Can be installed easily no additional tool is required 
  • Additional elements such as curtains and netting can be removed 
  • Can require repaint, as it is exposed to sun and rain 
  • No floor included 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Rectangular, cubic 
  • Type of Gazebo – Aluminum framed roof, cabana-shaped roof, and rectangle structure 
  • Gazebo Size – 10 ft. x 10 ft., 10 ft. x 12 ft., 10 ft. x 14 ft. 
  • Materials Used – Aluminum, Polyester, Steel, Nylon, Polycarbonate 

8. Buffalo Round Aluminum Gazebo 

Buffalo Round Aluminum Gazebo - top class popular garden gazebos

Buffalo round aluminum gazebo is a round shape, rotunda-style gazebo that offers excellent air ventilation and comfort. You can add on additional add-ons such as netting, privacy curtains, canopies, etc. to get better privacy. It can be a permanent solution that requires bolts and anchors to add a better grasp. 



  • Comes with a strong and high-quality material steel/aluminum frame 
  • Additional fabric installment option available to protect you from UV sun rays
  • Comfortable and cooling shadows  
  • Double-vented roof for better ventilation, great design
  •  Easy to setup 
  • No floor inclusion/ independent standing pillars 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Rectangular, Square
  • Type of Gazebo – Rotunda style, comes with double vented roof with solid aluminum/ steel build 
  • Gazebo Size – 10 ft’ x 10 ft’, 14.5 ft’ x 14.5 ft’ 
  • Materials Used – Aluminium, Alloy Steel, Metal 

9. Acacia Gazebo

Acacia Gazebo - the popular garden gazebos

Acacia gazebos can be titled as a great heavy-duty garden gazebo option. You can add it to your garden backyard to enjoy get-togethers, meetups, and even beautiful rainy days. Its top dual top shade helps to slide down raindrops making the underside clean and mess-free. To aid stronger structure stability it comes with ground anchoring that makes the entire structure strong. 



  • Canopy removal and replacement options are available 
  • Integrated anchor system 
  • UV protection and fade resistance 
  • Laser cut unbeatable finishing 
  • No floor inclusion/ independent standing pillars 
  • Seasonal use only 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Square, rectangle, round 
  • Type of Gazebo – Contemporary style, with dual canopy top and study structure 
  • Gazebo Size – 12 ft’ x 12 ft, 14ft’ x 14 ft’ 
  • Materials Used – Aluminium, fabric canopy 

10. Cedar Wooden Gazebo

Cedar Wooden Gazebo - popular garden gazebos


 If you want a strong and sturdy build for your backyard then, Brookdale/ backyard Cedar shade Gazebo is the best garden gazebo you can think of to install in your home backyard. Such builds are amazing in terms of sturdiness and ability to beat strong snow or winds. The best part is you can customize it with an additional feature of electrical outlets or shade so you can enjoy the weather with ease and comfort.



  • Strong construction 
  • Strong build and construction 
  • Hard-constructed top to provide better roof protection from different weather 
    • Require professional installation 

Best Features

  • Gazebo Shape – Rectangle
  • Type of Gazebo – Traditional with aesthetic features, Hard top gazebo 
  • Gazebo Size – 12 ft’ x 10 ft’
  • Materials Used – Steel, wood frame 

Our Final Verdict  

No matter what design, style, or pattern you prefer you should have a clear mindset about your requirements and needs. If you are up with a DIY Gazebo kit then make sure to check out every element coming with it. Sometimes the kits come with missing parts or with broken tools. 

If you are looking for something creative to build with your creative perspective then you can check out our Japanese Asian Gazebo and Pavilion Kits, garden, landscape, and patio structure kits. 

We hope you will find our top-picked outdoor gazebos pick-worthy. Make sure of the above-mentioned points and do have a clear mindset before making your investment. If you want full guidance to help you in brainstorming. Then you can check out our Brainstorming question checklist, it will help you in clarifying your initial gazebo selection process. 

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Learn How much it costs to build a gazebo based on size, shape, material used, & other factors which decide the price of gazebo.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gazebo?

Gazebos make your garden looks beautiful and create a gathering space for family and friends. Building a gazebo on your property also increases the value of your home. It can serve more than just the shelter and add curb appeal to your home. But it is often confusing how much does it really cost.  The truth is, the cost to build a gazebo can be influenced by different factors such as manufacturing material, size, design, shape, roofing, and whether there is a need for site preparation.

So, here in this pricing guide, we will break down the average gazebo cost and what it depends on. 

Average Cost of the Gazebos:

The average cost of building a gazebo depends on its construction.

– Pre-assembled Gazebo

A pre-assembled gazebo is fully built and delivered on a trailer. The company helps in installing the gazebo on your property which includes the process of setting it on a crushed stone base and ensuring its level.

– Custom Gazebo

The cost of a custom-designed gazebo can range between $1,500 to $9,000 including, land preparation, roof installation, construction, and extra features. A customized pavilion is based on the construction plan, and what design you want.

Construction plans typically cost around 10% to 20% of the total budget which is between $700 to $1300. The final price of a custom gazebo includes these construction plans.

Cost of Building a Gazebo by Size:

Size is one of the major factors affecting the cost of your gazebo. Here’s a breakdown of typical gazebo costs based on dimensions.

Gazebo Dimensions

Cost Range

8×8 feet


10×10 feet


10×12 feet


12×12 feet


10×20 feet


14×20 feet


15×20 feet


The bigger your gazebo will be, the higher the price will go to pay for the material and labor costs. The 12×12 feet gazebo often costs nearly half more than the cost of an 8×8 feet gazebo, depending on the material type used in the structure.

With the increase in the size of your gazebo, there will be an increase in the flooring and roofing costs. Additionally, it will also include the added costs of furniture to fill it up. In the case of building a large gazebo, you’ll likely need to buy more outdoor furniture for the purpose to ensure the gazebo doesn’t look empty.

However, if you need a small gazebo, you’ll end up saving costs on furniture.

Cost of Building a Gazebo by Shape:

There are varieties of shapes available in gazebos. So, the total building costs depend on the shape you choose. Basically, the shape depends on how many sides a gazebo takes into account. It can be octagonal, hexagonal, square, rectangular, round, oval, or even custom design which could cost you extra. Here’s the cost of a gazebo based on its shape:

  • Round: $1,500–$8,000
  • Oval: $1,500–$8,000
  • Square or rectangular: $2,000–$12,000
  • Hexagonal: $3,000–$8,000
  • Octagonal: $3,500–$8,000
  • Dodecahedron (12-sided): $7,000–$10,000

The rule of thumb simply tells the more side on your gazebo, the more it’s going to cost you.

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Gazebo Cost Breakdown Based on the Type of Material:

The four most common type of material used in building a gazebo includes metal, wood, and vinyl. The budget can range from $2,000 to $8,000 based on the material you use.

Metal Gazebos

Metal gazebos provide a long-lasting life. They’re less likely to twist, sag, chip, or warp over time when compared to wooden gazebos. However, the metal gazebo isn’t as customizable as wood or vinyl gazebos but you can achieve a sleek look. Metal gazebos are usually manufactured of aluminum, wrought iron, or steel.

Wood Gazebos

Wood Gazebos

Wooden gazebos add an attractive appearance to the structure. There are five common wooden gazebo types which include pine, hardwood, redwood, cedar, and bamboo, and hold the material elements well. The average cost of building wooden gazebos can range between $4,000 – $7,000.

Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos often look like wood or metal but require less maintenance and are long-lasting. this is considered to be more versatile because it can be made to look like brick, wood, or metal. However, as a homeowner, you’ll be expected to pay between $4,200 to $7,800 which makes it a bit more expensive. With the advantage of longevity, low maintenance, and versatility, vinyl gazebos become highly desirable.

Other factors that affect the Gazebo Building Cost:

Roofing Material:- Gazebos need a roof to cover them up from upward. Otherwise, it doesn’t call a gazebo without a roof. The cost of a gazebo roof will vary depending on the roof’s size, whether it’s a double or single roof, and the roof’s material. For the most affordable option, you can choose to have asphalt shingles. On the other hand, slate roofs are the most expensive ones. Other roofing materials include tile, wood, metal, glass, and polycarbonate.

Flooring Material:- Flooring is another important aspect to consider when building a gazebo. The overall cost of the gazebo will vary depending on the size, shape, and material used in flooring.

Stamped concrete is considered to be the most expensive flooring material. So, if you have a low budget, you can prefer to choose wooden flooring to save on cost.

Land Preparation:- A gazebo will be grounded on the land. So, before you start preparing the gazebo, you’ll need to make sure the ground is leveled or graded. This can cost you around $1,200 to $4,300, depending on the condition of the area.

With a well-leveled foundation, your gazebo looks structurally sound. Land preparation can be either part of the gazebo installation process, or it can be charged as a separate service.

Screening kits:- Screen kits are often required to defend against insect entry. By enclosing your gazebo with glass, the cost can vary between $5,000 to $8,000. Insects and bugs are annoying. Therefore, screened gazebo helps keep the bugs out and provides the whole gazebo with better protection.

Labor:- For the customized gazebo, you should need a budget of $1,500 to $9,000 for labor, which can include land preparation, construction, installation, and extra features.

DIY Gazebo Building Cost:

Building a gazebo yourself can save you on labor costs which are around $1,500 to $9,000 and construction plans which are around $700 to $1,300.

A gazebo kit is a straightforward project because it is easy to assemble with all of the pre-cut materials.

Keep in mind, the land must be well prepared for the project, ensuring a level ground that can easily handle the weight of a gazebo. The essential tools required to build a gazebo from a kit include a tape measure, level, cordless drill, wrench, ladder, safety gloves and glasses, square, and ratchet.

Meanwhile, you can also ask for help in constructing the gazebo kit. Make sure to get precise measurements, a solid architectural design, quality materials, and robust construction skills to ensure your structure is sound.

Leave your Custom-Built Gazebo to Professional:

The cost of the gazebo is a variable factor but it’s worth having a gazebo at your home. Unless you’re an experienced builder, it’s best to leave custom gazebos to a local professional gazebo builder. There comes WoodsShop which can help in building Gazebo from the best material, in a timely manner and at the cost that suits your budget. You can find affordable gazebo kits to directly install in your garden professionally. 

So, if you are looking for a professional gazebo builder, WoodsShop is the right place for you.


1. Does a Gazebo Add Value to Your Home?
Valuing houses is a complex process. Having a gazebo may or may not increase the value of your home, depending on its cost and the materials it is made up of. However, installing a gazebo on your property can add curb appeal to it and help it sell more quickly.

2. Do I need a permit to build a gazebo?
A permit is typically required to build a gazebo. The permit for building a gazebo also depends on the location where you live and the gazebo’s size.

3. What is the difference between Gazebo, Pavilion, and Pergola?
The major difference between a pergola and a gazebo is the function of the roof. While a gazebo and a pavilion offer full coverage from the sun, a pergola comes with a partial shelter that allows sunlight to come through its slatted roof.

4. How Much Does a 12×12 Gazebo Cost?
The cost to build a gazebo varies depending on the materials it’s made from. The expected price you’ll need to pay is between $4,500 and $8,500 for a 12-foot by 12-foot gazebo.

Outdoor Pavilion To Your Home

7 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Pavilion To Your Home

The outdoor pavilion provides amazing benefits when adding it to your backyard. Your backyard space can be utilized well in different ways. While some build a garden, some prefer to keep changing the way they look after a few years which is often expensive. But it’s always better to add something more permanent like a pavilion. Pavilions are designed to not only add a touch of uniqueness but also class to your backyard. Here are the benefits of installing an outdoor pavilion can provide you.

1.  Make Your Backyard Appealing

Adding pavilions can fill that missing piece in your backyard and make it more appealing. As a large structure, a pavilion can add attraction to the viewer’s eye. It can bring your whole backyard together while making its appearance the best possible.

Additionally, you can integrate it with your garden where you can place some hanging pots around it or let vines grow up the pavilion’s posts. The pavilion can also bring aesthetics to your backyard at night when you can also install fairy lights or a small chandelier for mood lighting. Instead of adding typical lighting on your pavilion, another you can choose which is setting up solar-powered lights.

2. Pavilion is a Low Maintenance Structure

While gardens require frequent cleaning, pavilions don’t. With a well-planned pavilion, you can save time and cost on the daily chores of cleaning and maintaining it. The pavilion only requires maintenance once or twice a year depending on the climate.

When you pick the right materials like cedar or vinyl, you reduce the maintenance of the pavilion. Use of the recycled or repurposed materials allows you to take a positive step toward saving the environment. This will not only make your pavilion beautiful but will also make it function in a unique way. Pavilions at Woodshop are easy to maintain and clean and fit your preferences.

3. Outdoor Pavilion can be used as an Extra Work Space

If you are looking for a place to knit, draw or write, the outdoor pavilion can function as an extra outdoor room or space where you can do what you like. You can even turn your backyard pavilion into an outdoor office or gaming room.

Since the pavilion is an open space, you’ll need to close it with a glass. Enclosed pavilions can function as extra rooms or even provide a private working space.

In this type of pavilion, you can use it to create movie nights for the family every Saturday or play video games, or even use it for streaming.

4. Destress your mind with much-needed shade

Mental health is of great importance. Living in a noisy or crowded home can be stressful. Therefore, going outside even in the backyard will help you destress your mind. Studies have proved that the outdoors ensures physical and mental well-being.

If you have a garden, it can work as a great space to spend your time and make your stress free. However, if your climate won’t allow it, installing an outdoor pavilion would be a perfect alternative. An outdoor pavilion gives you a place to sit, meditate and reflect.

If you have been spending most of your day at home indoors, then taking some time off in the morning or evening at the pavilion provides peace of mind. The fresh air re-energizes you and helps in clearing your head.

5. Highly Durable Outdoors

Highly Durable Outdoors

Most outdoor pavilions are durable and last longer than years. It will be your place to create memories when growing old. Since they’re outdoors in your home, they can stay in the same condition when renovating your home.

Pavilions can withstand all types of weather. Be it the heat, cold weather, rain, or wind; your pavilion will remain standing. Whatever suits your preferences, you can change the materials of the pavilions accordingly.

6. Host Social Events Under the Same Roof

The social home gathering is another benefit your outdoor pavilion offers occasionally. So, the pavilion allows you to host party occasions and events at your location and celebrate with your family and friends. It’ll provide enough shade, a sitting area, and fresh air.

Moreover, poolside pavilions can function as a food area or bar. So, if you are planning to use your pavilion as a space for social gatherings, make sure it can assist your guests. However, the size of your pavilion will also depend on the area you left.

In the US, the average yard space is 10.871 square feet wide. Out of the 50 states, Vermont allows the largest average yard space at 73.979 square feet. So, consider installing a larger pavilion if you’ve got a lot of extra space in your backyard.

7. Increases Value of your Home

The last benefit of a pavilion is the value it adds to your home. It’s a space for socializing with guests, and you can change it to a separate room.

These opportunities make pavilions more valuable for future homeowners by adding to the total value of your property. Homeowners with a pavilion will tell you it’s one of the most attractive qualities of the home.

Get the Top-Quality Outdoor Pavilion

An outdoor pavilion isn’t just making your home appealing but also functional. You also don’t have to stick with the typical pavilion designs. With the right builder, you can customize the design to get a well-designed pavilion for your backyard.

Here at WoodsShop, we have experienced pavilion builders to provide your dream pavilion exactly the way you want. So, what are you waiting for? contact us today and share with us your outdoor pavilion vision.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing A Gazebo

Questions To Ask Yourself For Choosing The Best Gazebo

Are you planning to purchase the best gazebo? Or maybe you are thinking of carving your ideas into reality by doing some gazebo DIY. Whatever your plan is Gazebo in itself is an amazing toolshed that not just revives your entire home background but also satisfies your relaxation needs adding protection from several things such as sun, breeze, insects, and so on.  So, if you are a first-time buyer who has not performed brainstorming yet then don’t worry. The WoodShop craftsman team is here to help. We understand first-time buyers’ requirements so to guide you in choosing the best gazebo for your home.

In this article, we are listing six common questions that you must ask yourself for choosing the best gazebo according to your home and personal needs. But before you hop to the list you should understand first: 

What is a gazebo and how does it affect your outdoor living? 

Gazebos are the best structure to beautify and shade your outdoor area where you can chill and hang out with your friend, family, or even your furry buddy. A common example of outdoor gazebos you may find in parks, in gardens, or maybe in your neighbor’s backyard. 

As per its structure, these are compared to pergolas, pavilions, gondolas, and sunshades. However, their working mechanism differentiates them from each other. Since it’s a great staging way to shade your backyard area it also elevates your home design adding ornamental features and elements to it that directly increase your property’s worth

So, from above you must be clear about what a gazebo is and how it helps you in offering the best outdoor living. Now let’s move on to some common questions you could likely have:

List of 6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Choosing The Best Gazebo

1. Do I Really Need to Purchase a Gazebo? 

This must be the primary question you must ask yourself. It is important to become clear about whether you are really into this good investment or not. You must know whether adding a gazebo will fulfill your requirements or not (if any). 

For this, you can consider connecting with a designing and building company and sharing your thoughts and ideas with them. You can also discuss your home structure with them so according to that, they will design you the right gazebo structure and design. 

Buying a gazebo requires a good investment. So you need to be aware of every small and big requirement related to it. Along with this, having a clear mindset and clear sight about gazebo design, gazebo type, gazebo size as well as property type is important. So, discuss and invest smartly and accordingly. 

2. What Type of Gazebo Material Is Best for My Property? 

What Type of Gazebo Material Is Best for My Property? 

You will find four types of gazebo material in the market. These are

  • Wooden Gazebos –

A wooden gazebo build is best if you want to give your home a timeless, and rustic look.  These are highly cost-effective, offer longevity, and go best for outdoor builds. The best part is you can exceed your gazebo’s life by painting and adding weatherproofing to it. 

  • Timber Frame Gazebo –

Heavy timber gazebos can be termed a subcategory of wooden gazebos. These are best to offer you the rustic grandeur and jeweled backyard area adding a timeless traditional look to it.  

Such gazebos are quite in demand nowadays and can be customized as per client’s requirements. The common timber frame gazebos come in two shapes: (Oval-shaped timber gazebo) / (Dodecagon-shaped timber gazebo)

  • Vinyl Gazebo – 

Vinyl gazebos are referred to modern design and aesthetics. If you desire to get a smooth and clean gazebo build then a vinyl gazebo is the right fit for you. 

These are the famous alternatives to wooden gazebos as they are maintenance-free and easy to build compared to other categories of gazebos. However, it could increase your budget and is available in limited colors.

  • Aluminum Gazebo – 

Aluminum gazebos commonly known as grill or BBq gazebos are best in terms of budget and sturdiness. These are usually categorized under DIY gazebos that you can commonly find in stores. 

These are probably not the best gazebo if you are looking for a permanent solution. Such gazebos are commonly placed over the deck or patio to shade from temporary rain and heat. 

So, if you are looking for a maintenance-free alternative then a vinyl gazebo would be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you can ok with a little yearly expense but with a traditional touch then a wooden gazebo would be the best fit for your home exterior. 

3. What Type of Gazebo Build and Design Goes Best with My Property?

Gazebos come in multiple builds and designs to understand the proper fit for your home you can consider your home interior and exterior to determine the design. The six common but unique structures you may find in gazebo designs and can choose from are…

  • Victorian Gazebo 
  • Rotunda Gazebo
  • Pergola Gazebo
  • Pavilion Gazebo
  • Asian Gazebo
  • Folly Gazebo

Some people prefer to go with their traditional and ancestral designs that represent their culture and beliefs. And some prefer gazebo build and design to amplify the beauty of their home backyard and some to seek peace and shade. 

Consider choosing wisely among all six options. Discuss the design and components with your preferred gazebo designing team and go with the best one that came out of the discussion.

4. What Is the Best Place to Put a Gazebo? 

Gazebos are flat in structure so you can easily place them on any flat surface you think is most preferable to be. Before finalizing the place it is important to decide what your gazebo material would be. 

Along with having a clear mindset about whether you would like to place a gazebo under the shade or in an open area. Gazebos can be installed on any material including concrete or wood and can be placed over any other existing floors. 

5. What Gazebo Size Will Go Best with the Property? 

Different Styles of Gazebos?

Gazebos come in varied designs and styles. The most common shape of gazebo available are…

  • Eight sides – octagon gazebo 
  • Six sides – hexagon gazebo 
  • Round shaped gazebo 
  • Square gazebo
  • Dodecagonal
  • Rectangle gazebo 
  • Oblong gazebo 

Apart from these, some unique gazebo designs you can choose from are the ones we have mentioned above. Based on your purposes such as..

  • Outdoor dining and cooking – the rectangle and square gazebo goes best 
  • Get together or family functions – the square is best
  • Hot tubs – rectangle gazebos go best
  • Poolside- hexagon gazebo goes best
  • Receptions – square or octagon gazebo and so on. 

6. Should I Consider Different Styles of Gazebos? 

Gazebo customization or adding additional gazebo features options are always available for creative living beings. If you have some incredible design skills or desire to accentuate the preferred gazebo structure then you will get countable options and different styles of gazebos to choose from.

Primarily wooden gazebos are the ones that are easy to mold and in adding elements whereas vinyl gazebos are the ones that could give you less space to work on. Additional elements such as…

Customized Flooring

  • Wood Pallets 
  • Flagstone 
  • Marble
  • Tiles and Pavers
  • Cement 
  • Vinyl Tropical Decking 
  • PVC Decking 

Designer Blusters/ Railings 

  • Cross railing design 
  • Dutch style 
  • Tokyo Style
  • No Nails Railing 
  • Alternating Diagonal Railing 
  • Scroll Saw Cut Pattern Over Turned Balusters

Customized Shingles

  • Ashpat Shingles
  • Rubber Slates 
  • Metal Roofing
  • Cedar Shakes

Roofing for The Roof of Gazebos 

  • Cupola & Pagoda Roof
  • Standard Roof
  • Pinnical Roof
  • Wooden Frame with fabric Roof 
  • Glass Roof 
  • Laid-back Gazebo with Foliage and Shade
  • Bell Roof 

In a Nutshell

Adding a gazebo to your backyard can truly do wonders to prettify your home. Purchasing and installing a gazebo incorporates several benefits that you can avail of on the weekends. Consider the above list of questions and ask them yourself so you can choose the best gazebo out of the rest based on your requirements.

You can also take the help of your chosen gazebo designing and building firm to guide you in your selection process. If you have not connected with such a firm yet, then you can reach out to our creative builders. We offer complete designing and building solutions and customized garden, landscape, and patio structure kits that will come easy on your budget. You can also check out our featured projects page where we have displayed our recent wooden gazebo USA work.  

So, if you are all done with your brainstorming homework, but looking for help, then do connect with our extremely passionate and creative team. We love to beautify your home turning your vision into reality. 

Wooden Arbor Kit

Wooden Arbor Kit

Creating the backyard of your dreams can often be a challenge if space is scarce. A wooden arbor kit can be an excellent way to spruce up your space (outdoor). There are so many options and design ideas in your outdoor area, and yet there’s only so much square footage.

The wooden arbor kit can be utilized as a memory; the entrance patio will be a major role player here. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also help define an area or make a space feel like an extra room has been added to your home. Investing in a wood arbor kit can become the focal point of your garden space. It’s an area where one can beautify the space in order to match the rest landscaping with different plants and flowers, and which of course will make your place look like a home away!

These landscape structures come in a variety of sizes and shapes that is entirely customizable. No matter the size or shape you choose, you can be sure that pine or cedar will weather outdoor conditions well. All you have to do is choose something that suits the style and structure of your home.

The unique shapes and lines of well-planned arbors provide opportunities to beautifully frame a landscape to guide the scenery, provide direct traffic, entertainment, and brimming with nesting areas. Arbors are a great way to provide a dedicated area or walkway with a small amount of shade. In olden times an arbor was a garden of latticework made of covered branches and vines. Which can burn and freeze growing plants

Today, modern arbors have become extremely popular in prime residential and commercial areas, ranging from a quaint homespun cottage appeal to a formal luxurious property, for their cost effective variety useful in for a beautiful landscaping.

Woods Shop Garden Arbors add a surprisingly inviting feel to a garden and are also very practical to accent with hanging baskets, pots or grow boxes. They help make the backyard a beautifully inviting one for year-round living.

Natural wood is a great substrate for plants compared to metal arches or latticework. A duo of arbors along with benches will facilitate a quiet a place to enjoy the exquisite beauty in a garden, park, sandbox, landscape. An arbor swing can be a delightful invitation as well as a hospitable resting area at the end of an alleyway.

It can be a perfect place to exchange vows at the entrance to the altar. It’s so easy to accomplish with wedding flowers, vines, lights, Japanese lanterns or ribbon for a memorable romantic setting. It can be displayed with garlands, modern flair with balloons, fiber optic lights, streamers, or anything additive that suits the theme. The chances are really endless. To make an effective climbing wall for climbing flowers and vines, arbors have latticework. Arbors are usually arched, but they can also resemble pergolas, as does the above arbor.

Patio cover

San Diego Patio Cover

The hot summer months, and the intensity of heat from the sun can of course not be very comfortable. Luckily, “Woods Shop” in San Diego, CA has an easy, affordable solution. Our premium patio covers are outlined or designed to guard you, your family, and your guests from the rays of sun so you can benefit from outdoor barbecues, picnics, and parties especially in the hot days.

A premium quality San Diego patio cover will shield you from humid and hot weather during hot summer months. It can protect your outdoor furniture from the sun’s UV rays and keep them in excellent shape in the long run. A customized patio cover will expand living space (Outdoor) allowing your beloved one to time in the backyard in spite of any type of season you may have. Even though many house owners don’t comprehend it, a quality patio cover can assist keep the interior of your home cool.

Let us talk about the types of San Diego patio covers available in the market –

Patio Covers (Wooden) – If you want to invest in simple and elegant patio covers, wooden covers make a top choice. Wood has been around for centuries as a building material and is known for its natural colors and patterns. Till date the wooden patios are trendy and most liked pattern. However, the wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather resistance, and polishing.

Aluminum patio cover – Among metal covers, aluminum is the most commonly used material for its durability, light weight, and flexibility in design. These patio covers are durable and low maintenance for a long period of time. There are an assortment of options in style, design, and colors. You can apply any type of fake finish to the aluminum covers to customize the style and look of your choice. Aluminum has high water and weather resistance which means it can withstand harsh weather, rain and moisture without significant wear and tear.

Acrylic patio cover – There are several varieties available in Acrylic or vinyl patio covers with different finish and shade. Especially made of material of plastic it can endure harsh weather conditions. These covers are low-maintenance, easy to clean and resistant to damage. However, if you do not apply polish or paint, vinyl may discolor under high exposure to UV radiation.

Different Styles of Patio Covers –

Solid Patio Covers – If you’re looking for a covered patio for the winter or live in an area with heavy rain and snow, a solid patio cover is the safest option. The good feature of the Solid Patio Covers is that it completely covers the deck and protects you from the weather outside.

Mesh cover – These are partial covers for your patio and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this, individual jaalis are joined together to form a pattern which is attractive and elegant.

Therefore, each project wood shop building is unique, whether it is built from one of our existing designs or custom built for your property, each structure is a work of art. Joe Wood combines constant advancement in his skills, innovation and love of his craft to make every project better than the last one.

Patio Builder

San Diego Patio Builder

In order to enhance your outdoor living experience with a increase amount of time a well-designed patio cover is really important. As for any major exterior structure, you will need to work with a professional, such as an architect or landscape architect, to ensure that your building complies with city codes and is properly engineered. This is a wonderful extension of the house. If you’re ready to make the most of your use in the evening, the ideas mentioned are really gonna help you in a long run. The right outdoor lighting can turn your deck or patio into the perfect place to entertain, dine or relax while enjoying an evening surrounded by nature.

Deck post lighting:

Adding lighting to your deck posts can easily extend your time outside while also adding security. When installed on key deck positions, these custom fixtures showcase a supple glow to the deck while perimeter is being hihlighted. The lights provide just the right amount of ambient light for a peaceful evening and provide a safety element for you and your guests. These post lights can also be mounted on the stair railing to illuminate the stairs at night.

Bistro Outdoor String Lights:

When paired to a deck or patio, these versatile cafe-inspired outdoor string lights evoke a soft glow and unique atmosphere.

Patio seat wall light:

Seat Wall Lights are an ideal application for patios, free-standing facilities or stages. This technique that the patio lighting uses, works well for illuminating low profile areas, highlighting natural stone, and making features easier to see in the dark—when you have guests not familiar with your property. Strategically lit trees, shrubs, stone stones, and other features of landscape can make a nice natural providing ambient lighting. In the background the soft ambient light can really make a statement. Apart from this the increase in the visibility provides security in the yard. It helps in visual control of our surroundings and can assist us feel comfortable. When you’re using your patio at night, you’ll instinctively feel more comfortable knowing that you can see any activity happening in the backyard.

The San Diego patio builder and their work are of great use when it comes to home décor. This allows you to enjoy the natural landscape of your home while maintaining a sense of closed space. For many homes and homeowners, the courtyard is an essential part of the home and must be fully integrated into the design and architecture. Some homeowners build patios as part of a home extension, while others believe in a standalone outdoor space. Creative, Innovative, and vibrant outdoor spaces have become a fashion, be it spring, summer or winter. When a decision is related to your home, being extra careful is always the right choice.

Each project we create is one of its kind and every design. Woods Shop is the San Diego’s patio builder well known for its work that creates tailored made solution according to the like and dislikes of their customer. Joe Wood combines constant advancement in his skills, innovation and love of his craft to make every project better than the last.