Curved Deck Designs and Plans.



Curved decks seem to make better use of space,

and enhance traffic flow.

Decks with curves look nice too, and seem to fit right into their surroundings.



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Curved decks
Decks With Curves



  The decking, and the top cap for the curved deck railing are ipe.





 Bamboo covers the pergola, as well as the Privacy Screen.





 The view is further obscured by a last layer of shade cloth behind the bamboo.

Curved deck design













 Just completed ! 

 The decking has yet to be sanded smooth and sealed, our last task on every project,

 and the house  needs to be  painted!





 The fretwork and pickets in the upper screen are fabricated from western red cedar. Bamboo is then rolled out on the backside of the screen.







Notice how the pergola and screen ' just ' obscure the neighbors' windows.









   That Torrey pine will soon grow up,

 and nestel into that nice curve designd

 into the deck.

  They say the reverse S curve is the most

pleasing shape...









  There are two railing styles on this project, all the vertical members are fabricated from clear mahogany, while the horizontal are of ipe.




                  ' Open' Railing




  ' Privacy' Railing





  All the rail cap joints are re-inforced with thru-splines. 



  Only well seasoned stock 

 is used for the top-cap, to 

 help prevent carefully fit

 joints from opening up !




         Ipe, and mahogany deck stairs.  



  Carl calls this picture

 the "Serpent Cap" !



The pergola follows the curved deck out a little ways.



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