This is a Japanese style Garden Gate with a shoji screen look.

Japanese Shoji Screen gate




I had just finished an Outdoor Dojo in the backyard, and the style for this

shoji gate definitely had to be in a Japanese style.




Shoji screen gate





        - Outside View -


 Cores were drilled into the top of the wall, into which slim ipe posts were set in mortar. Thin ipe rails were then laminated around the curves.

 The other elements in the

screen are fabricated from








      - Inside View -







  The shoji gate is also built from mahogany.      




  The pergola elements are

 fabricated from western

 red cedar.



 The stock is left rough   sawn. Each piece is carefully hand sanded just enough to remove the burrs and emphisize the beautiful texture.




  Curved Shoji Screen



My clients wanted to create a barrier to keep a certain dog from wandering the neighborhood any old time he felt like it ! Poor dawg !

Now he can't go and visit his next-door girlfriend any old time he wants to !

Oh well, at least now he doesn't have to stay cooped up in the houseall day.

Now he's a Happy Dawg.




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