This Koi Pond Deck cantilevers 3' out over water giving the koi a shady place to hang out.       Free - form lines enhance the Design, and a stair stepped bridge takes you over the water and on to this koi pond deck.

koi pond deck

                     Koi Pond Deck Design

Koi Pond Deck Design
Koi pond Deck








The decking is Ipe, the railing elements old growth wr cedar and copper.




Koi Pond Deck


The Design problem here was to hide the equipment area, and soften all the straight and rectangular lines.

       Existing Pond and Bio Filter                            


 Original Site


  The setting is above a golf course set down in a canyon and has a view of the ocean beyond that far ridge line.







  This ipe decking is the   perfect wood for  outdoor use, hard and stable, and  it will soon weather to a beautiful silver, and require no  maintence. 






  The copper pipe will soon develope a nice patina,  being so close to the ocean.



   The stepped Zig Zag bridge takes you ' across ' the pond, and onto the deck space.







   The railing components are fabricated from clear, vertical grained western red cedar, another very nice outdoor wood !



koi pond deck, koi pond decks, koi pond






This beautiful old-growth W.R. cedar comes from Vancouver Island, B.C. These are  naturally downed trees, not clear-cut, and are so valuable that they go in and take them out by helicopter !

The 5" wide board has over 100 growth rings!




   It's only inches to the

  pond surface.           




  The koi like to hang-out under the broad overhang !




 The hatch gives access to the pond equipment 

  koi pond deck, koi pond decks, koi pond


Thanks for coming in and 'rescuing' our koi pond project.  After seeing  your design solutions for this project we knew we wouldn't be happy with anything less.  Thank you for sharing your vision, artistry, passion and meticulous attention to detail. ...and our fish like it too! 

Mike and Niki O'Neil











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