Outdoor Dojo.


     I designed this outdoor dojo for a martial arts sensei, so that he could

practice and teach in his backyard.

outdoor dojo



See Plans I offer for two other roofed, covered Dojos


 My original design had a nice engawa (deck) going around the outside

of the mat area, but that got eliminated due to budget.


  - Top View -

outdoor dojo

The perimeter beams are set onto isolation pads where they bear on the footings.

The I Beam Floor Joists and Beams are double coated with primer.

The Dojo structure is raised above grade for good ventillation underneath.



   During construction


Under the mat is a Sprung Floor system I designed, it's still fairly stiff but

dissipates the impact down thru the floor. This is achieved with

neopreme isolation layers between the Beams and Footings,

Floor Joists and Beams, and between the Joists and sub-floor.

The 3 dampening layers conduct shock and impact down to the ground

instead of up thru your body.



Over the sub-floor went a special multi-layered sports mat,

and over that went the beige mat covering.



The finished dojo floor.


   What a nice place  to ' Play '



Sensei Jeff's in the blue gi.




 The perimeter mat border is 1 X 6 ipe, while the surrounding skirt

is fabricated from western red cedar.





  I had even designed a

 shade sail for the dojo,

 but again, budjet elimi-

 nated that also.

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