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Shade for Koi Pond

This garden structure gives much needed shade for a Koi Pond. The Koi Pond Shade Cover has a nice wide overhang, and slopes towards the rear. The rear of the koi pond faces due South and gets blasted by noontime and late afternoon sun.

Pond Shade


Shade for Koi Pond Shade for Koi Pond

Build Koi Pond Shade

Watch us Build Pond Shade (click image)

Joe, you are blessed with a special ability of wood building that is off the charts of excellence and a very gifted artist. Your passion to build the best as you take on each and every project, your vision to see end results and meticulous attention to detail.

I contacted Joe Wood to build a much needed pond cover to shade my koi fish from the sun. As my fish collection started to grow, the need to protect the fish from the hot summer sun became urgent. Joe asked me to take photographs of my pond for his review and then he sent detailed instructions describing what measurements he needed so he could design a pond cover. He came back with a design that I never thought could be possible, following with an estimate and instructions of how many people I need to have on site for the construction.

I was asking Joe to come to El Centro, CA. to take on this project and he figured out a way to do the job with my help. This was like a “do it yourself project”, but with Joe's oversight and hands on the project. He had every piece of wood numbered, cut to size and stained. It was like following the numbers to erect the pond cover. When Joe and his assistant drove to my house the morning of, he orchestrated the plan to build the pond in one day. It was achieved and I'm loving the new shade for the fish.

It is truly a work of art. I highly recommend Joe Wood to take on your project if you want to have a beautiful design that takes in the surroundings and your vision, it can be done.

Sandy in El Centro, CA.

Get Your Own Custom Shade Structure Design

I can Design a nice Shade Structure for your Pond, then give you a price to prepare a set of Building Plans, or a price to build and ship you the Wood Kit, and if you're anywhere relatively near us, come and install it.

You start by sending me an accurate Site Plan to scale, being careful to note South, and the important measurements such as the dimensions of the house (with location and sizes of any windows and doors), and the dimensions of the site itself including any significant hardscape and softscape features. Some Elevation Drawings of the house are also needed, and note any other significant grade changes across the proposed project site.

I also need some good digital photos of the area and it's surroundings. Most importantly, some descriptive and detailed notes from you about your ideas, needs, and desires, and any other factor that could influence your Pond Shade Structure Design. Also research if there are Zoning, Setback, Historical District, or other Restrictions that apply. As soon as I have this information, and properly understand the scope of your project, I will supply you with a Cost Estimate for your Design. The Design and Plan Preparation Fees for most of my regular Patio Covers range from $400 to $800, with $600 being the average.

If you are outside of our local San Diego area, I'll consider traveling for an Onsite Visit with you. I loosely structure this round trip travel time fee at $40 per hour and $.50 a mile for Projects in California, based on travel time using Map Quest, with Spring Valley, Calif. 91977 as the Starting Point. I'll consider traveling out of state, or Anywhere on the Planet, if it's for a Special Project which warrants special, personal Design.

Please initially Contact Me to discuss your Project by using my Contact Us Form.

Local San Diego area Design and Build

You send me the information as described above, then I will come spend the morning at your site, meet you, and get a good feel for the area, further enhancing the Design Process. I'd like you to send me a few initial pictures of the area (so I can arrive a little better prepared) and, provide me with an accurate Site Plan to Scale when I arrive if possible. Being local, we can work together as we refine our Project. As soon as we work up a nice Design I'll be able to give you a price for the construction.

For Online Patio Cover Designs

A note about your local Building Department should you need a Building Permit. Some Building Departments won't accept plans that weren't prepared by the Owner, or an Architect, Engineer, or Builder who is licensed in your state. You may, or may not need to pay a local Professional to review and seal the plans so that your Building Department will accept them. These issues should be researched before going ahead with your Design.

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