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Patio Cover Designs and Plans

Redwood patio cover design by WoodsShop
We are so pleased with our beautiful redwood patio cover. It has a design style that is unusual and pleasant to look out on. Working with Joe was a pleasure. He listened carefully to our wants and needs and then promptly produced a wonderful patio cover. Thank you Joe.

All of our Patio Cover Plans meet San Diego, California code for beam and rafter spans. These Patio Cover Plans can be adapted in length and width as long as you follow your local beam and rafter span codes. Please be sure to follow our recemmendations in the special notice at the bottom of this page concerning local building departments when ordering any of these plans.

All plans or custom design and plans can be ordered by filling out our Contact form.

Measurements listed below are the roof dimensions of these patio covers.

12' x 21' Standard California Patio Cover Plans | $50

Designed with 2x6 rafters attached to a ledger board on the house

See a similar patio cover design

14' x 24' with 2x6 Rafters | $50

14' x 23' 3" Using Doubled 4x6 Rafters | $50

See a similar patio cover design

25' 2 " x 10' 10" with Sloped Roof | $50

20' x 16' Freestanding Patio Cover Using Ten 4' x 8' Lattice Panels | $50

14' x 20' Freestanding Patio Cover with Sloped Roof | $50

Patio Cover Plans

Patio Cover Plans

15' x 23' 8" Freestanding Patio Cover with Sloped Roof | $50

Patio Cover Plans

Patio Cover Plans

18' x 19' Freestanding Patio Cover with 4x6 Rafters | $50

Patio Cover Plans

Patio Cover Plans

See this patio cover built

20' x 24' Freestanding Patio Cover with Wide Overhangs | $50

See this patio cover built

Curved Patio Cover Plans | $75

5 Sided Patio Cover Plans | $75

20' x 26' 6" Patio Cover Plans Designed to Meet California Wildfire Code | $50

Patio Cover Plans

Patio Cover Plans

13' 6" Square Hip Roof Designed for Max Size & Height to Not Need San Diego Permit | $75

Purchase These Plans

Simply fill out the form on our Contact page and indicate which plan you would like along with any questions or concerns. We'll send you a PayPal invoice which can be paid with or without a PayPal account.

All plans include a complete and accurate Materials List and image files delivered via email which you can print at home. Some plans also include full sized template files to help you with more difficult and critical parts. These full sized templates may require a local print shop for best results.

If you have questions or need help or advice during construction, we provide very good support through email or you can schedule a phone call if needed.

All plans can be further customized to be ideally suited to your site. Additional information is included below.

Many of our plans are in Asian style design but we do employ some traditional American joinery and western style building techniques. For example, our Azumayas use rafters, ridge beam, rafter ties, and modern connectors which are mostly concealed instead of traditional Asian roof members.

We also offer high quality kits for some of these structures along with design and build services for those nearby our San Diego shop.

Custom Patio Cover Design and Plans

WoodsShop is a group of custom design professionals specializing in high end wood structures. We welcome the opportunity to customize any of these plans or design something extra special beased on your needs and desires.

For custom design, we will need an accurate site plan drawn to scale indicating the south direction and all surrounding measurements. This should include any important details such as topography, landscaping features, etc. Good digital photos will be needed so we can not only see the visuals, but ask any other questions needed to gain a good grasp of your needs.

A listing of all your objectives, needs, desires, and preferences are critical to the design process. Be sure to research any potential setbacks such as zoning rules, historical area requirements, and any other restrictions that apply. Once this information is compiled and we have a good grasp of the scope of yoru project, design and plan preparation fees can be quoted. These usually range between $300 to $600 with $400 being average.


If you require a building permit to erect one of these structures, some local building departments won't accept plans not prepared by the homeowner, or an architect, engineer, or builder licensed in your state. You may need a local professional to review and seal the plans in order for your buildiing department to accept them. It is recommended you research this in advance before purchasing any of our plans. Please refer to our License Agreement.