I’m a San Diego area General Contractor who specializes

in Design – Build of fine custom outdoor structures.

I’m very interested in designing and building Solar Patio Covers!

I’ve created this Private Page for others in the Solar Industry, to show two

of my Solar Designs with Pricing Information, so you can give your customers

a Ballpark idea what one of my structures might cost them.

If they give a go ahead, I usually charge around $300

for the Design and making the Permit Plans.

I design my structures to San Diego County Code,

but with my unique designs, some Engineering might be required and would

cost around $700 to $800, depending on if the structure is free standing

or attached to the house.

You would install all the solar and electrical components.


Both of these Designs ballpark out to $19 to $24 a square foot of the Solar Area

49' 5" x 13' 7" Freestanding

670 Sq ' Solar area


27' 5" x 17' on house

470 Sq ' Solar area



See this one Built



I enjoy doing custom designs and higher end projects but realize cost

is an issue these days, so I’ve priced these two covers out towards my

lower end but still pretty nice, timber structure, meaning we won't go to our

usual lengths to carefully detail, round edges and hand sand all the pieces,

and I haven’t included staining / sealing included in these prices.


Both Ballpark out to $20 to $25 a square foot of the Solar Area.

If you’d like the careful detailing, hand sanding and staining

add about $2 to $3 a sq ‘

Remember these are ballparks.

  Feel free to Save and show these Images to your clients  *

but please Never give any copies in any form, including by email

to any Builder or Architect who might be a competitor to me.

- Download all the details -


Solar Patio Cover lnfo.pdf


Click to see our Main Solar Patio Cover Page





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