Wooden Arbor Kit

Wooden Arbor Kit

Creating the backyard of your dreams can often be a challenge if space is scarce. A wooden arbor kit can be an excellent way to spruce up your space (outdoor). There are so many options and design ideas in your outdoor area, and yet there’s only so much square footage.

The wooden arbor kit can be utilized as a memory; the entrance patio will be a major role player here. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also help define an area or make a space feel like an extra room has been added to your home. Investing in a wood arbor kit can become the focal point of your garden space. It’s an area where one can beautify the space in order to match the rest landscaping with different plants and flowers, and which of course will make your place look like a home away!

These landscape structures come in a variety of sizes and shapes that is entirely customizable. No matter the size or shape you choose, you can be sure that pine or cedar will weather outdoor conditions well. All you have to do is choose something that suits the style and structure of your home.

The unique shapes and lines of well-planned arbors provide opportunities to beautifully frame a landscape to guide the scenery, provide direct traffic, entertainment, and brimming with nesting areas. Arbors are a great way to provide a dedicated area or walkway with a small amount of shade. In olden times an arbor was a garden of latticework made of covered branches and vines. Which can burn and freeze growing plants

Today, modern arbors have become extremely popular in prime residential and commercial areas, ranging from a quaint homespun cottage appeal to a formal luxurious property, for their cost effective variety useful in for a beautiful landscaping.

Woods Shop Garden Arbors add a surprisingly inviting feel to a garden and are also very practical to accent with hanging baskets, pots or grow boxes. They help make the backyard a beautifully inviting one for year-round living.

Natural wood is a great substrate for plants compared to metal arches or latticework. A duo of arbors along with benches will facilitate a quiet a place to enjoy the exquisite beauty in a garden, park, sandbox, landscape. An arbor swing can be a delightful invitation as well as a hospitable resting area at the end of an alleyway.

It can be a perfect place to exchange vows at the entrance to the altar. It’s so easy to accomplish with wedding flowers, vines, lights, Japanese lanterns or ribbon for a memorable romantic setting. It can be displayed with garlands, modern flair with balloons, fiber optic lights, streamers, or anything additive that suits the theme. The chances are really endless. To make an effective climbing wall for climbing flowers and vines, arbors have latticework. Arbors are usually arched, but they can also resemble pergolas, as does the above arbor.

Patio cover

San Diego Patio Cover

The hot summer months, and the intensity of heat from the sun can of course not be very comfortable. Luckily, “Woods Shop” in San Diego, CA has an easy, affordable solution. Our premium patio covers are outlined or designed to guard you, your family, and your guests from the rays of sun so you can benefit from outdoor barbecues, picnics, and parties especially in the hot days.

A premium quality San Diego patio cover will shield you from humid and hot weather during hot summer months. It can protect your outdoor furniture from the sun’s UV rays and keep them in excellent shape in the long run. A customized patio cover will expand living space (Outdoor) allowing your beloved one to time in the backyard in spite of any type of season you may have. Even though many house owners don’t comprehend it, a quality patio cover can assist keep the interior of your home cool.

Let us talk about the types of San Diego patio covers available in the market –

Patio Covers (Wooden) – If you want to invest in simple and elegant patio covers, wooden covers make a top choice. Wood has been around for centuries as a building material and is known for its natural colors and patterns. Till date the wooden patios are trendy and most liked pattern. However, the wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather resistance, and polishing.

Aluminum patio cover – Among metal covers, aluminum is the most commonly used material for its durability, light weight, and flexibility in design. These patio covers are durable and low maintenance for a long period of time. There are an assortment of options in style, design, and colors. You can apply any type of fake finish to the aluminum covers to customize the style and look of your choice. Aluminum has high water and weather resistance which means it can withstand harsh weather, rain and moisture without significant wear and tear.

Acrylic patio cover – There are several varieties available in Acrylic or vinyl patio covers with different finish and shade. Especially made of material of plastic it can endure harsh weather conditions. These covers are low-maintenance, easy to clean and resistant to damage. However, if you do not apply polish or paint, vinyl may discolor under high exposure to UV radiation.

Different Styles of Patio Covers –

Solid Patio Covers – If you’re looking for a covered patio for the winter or live in an area with heavy rain and snow, a solid patio cover is the safest option. The good feature of the Solid Patio Covers is that it completely covers the deck and protects you from the weather outside.

Mesh cover – These are partial covers for your patio and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this, individual jaalis are joined together to form a pattern which is attractive and elegant.

Therefore, each project wood shop building is unique, whether it is built from one of our existing designs or custom built for your property, each structure is a work of art. Joe Wood combines constant advancement in his skills, innovation and love of his craft to make every project better than the last one.

Patio Builder

San Diego Patio Builder

In order to enhance your outdoor living experience with a increase amount of time a well-designed patio cover is really important. As for any major exterior structure, you will need to work with a professional, such as an architect or landscape architect, to ensure that your building complies with city codes and is properly engineered. This is a wonderful extension of the house. If you’re ready to make the most of your use in the evening, the ideas mentioned are really gonna help you in a long run. The right outdoor lighting can turn your deck or patio into the perfect place to entertain, dine or relax while enjoying an evening surrounded by nature.

Deck post lighting:

Adding lighting to your deck posts can easily extend your time outside while also adding security. When installed on key deck positions, these custom fixtures showcase a supple glow to the deck while perimeter is being hihlighted. The lights provide just the right amount of ambient light for a peaceful evening and provide a safety element for you and your guests. These post lights can also be mounted on the stair railing to illuminate the stairs at night.

Bistro Outdoor String Lights:

When paired to a deck or patio, these versatile cafe-inspired outdoor string lights evoke a soft glow and unique atmosphere.

Patio seat wall light:

Seat Wall Lights are an ideal application for patios, free-standing facilities or stages. This technique that the patio lighting uses, works well for illuminating low profile areas, highlighting natural stone, and making features easier to see in the dark—when you have guests not familiar with your property. Strategically lit trees, shrubs, stone stones, and other features of landscape can make a nice natural providing ambient lighting. In the background the soft ambient light can really make a statement. Apart from this the increase in the visibility provides security in the yard. It helps in visual control of our surroundings and can assist us feel comfortable. When you’re using your patio at night, you’ll instinctively feel more comfortable knowing that you can see any activity happening in the backyard.

The San Diego patio builder and their work are of great use when it comes to home décor. This allows you to enjoy the natural landscape of your home while maintaining a sense of closed space. For many homes and homeowners, the courtyard is an essential part of the home and must be fully integrated into the design and architecture. Some homeowners build patios as part of a home extension, while others believe in a standalone outdoor space. Creative, Innovative, and vibrant outdoor spaces have become a fashion, be it spring, summer or winter. When a decision is related to your home, being extra careful is always the right choice.

Each project we create is one of its kind and every design. Woods Shop is the San Diego’s patio builder well known for its work that creates tailored made solution according to the like and dislikes of their customer. Joe Wood combines constant advancement in his skills, innovation and love of his craft to make every project better than the last.


San Diego Gazebo

Patio and deck are a best part of our house or place. These spaces (outdoor) include home offices, living rooms, resort-like living spaces, nature-filled reception halls, and more. The best part is that the people can have the benefit of enjoying these outdoor spaces on a daily basis, and not just on special occasion.

So if you are thinking or planning of taking your space or backyard to a highest standard, then you should definitely take out some time focusing on the possibilities available. The reality is that there are many types of patio covers and colors. In addition, these patio shields are made of a variety of materials. So, to maximize the full potential of your patio or deck during the planning stages, here are six types of patio covers, the materials commonly used from which they are manufactured and the styles/designs available.

The materials used to make patio structures and colors are important for a number of reasons. One of the primary reason is the in particular, is the maintenance. For instance, wooden patio covers are stylish but still they often require maintenance that to regular in order to look best. Typically for wood covers, this includes weather treatment, possible re-staining and polishing. Still, if you want a rustic or more traditional look, wooden covers are great options.

Aluminum covers have been known to rust over decades or without proper maintenance, so you may want to be careful about that. In addition, aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. This might be perfect for a chilly night and bonfire, but probably a bad idea if you’re trying to keep your patio cool in 100-degree weather.

Acrylic/vinyl covers are also fairly common, as well as being available in practically every color and finish. Acrylic patio covers are easy to clean and for the most part are UV/heat resistant. Covers made of acrylic/vinyl are a cost-effective option as well. Still, there is an easy and economical fix. Lastly, most canopy covers are weather resistant and are made of polyester material. Canopies are an excellent choice when you need a quick, semi-permanent solution to your patio’s lack of shade.

Drive around your neighborhood, and you may see more than a dozen types of patio covers. The truth is that there are actually six common types of patio shield or shed pergolas, canopies, awnings, San Diego gazebos and thatched roofs. In other words, when you’re looking for something practical, permanent, and functional with minimal maintenance, standard covers are for you. For those looking for something with flair, pergolas and San Diego gazebos are worth considering.

If you are a nature-lover then you definitely would like to see at Pergolas that are airy and open covered space having the ability to get used to. To achieve this open but intimate space, pergolas typically have wooden or metal beams that extend into columns or support walls. Similarly, gazebos are free-standing structures that are open on all sides

Awnings and umbrellas, on the other hand, are two other types of coverings you’ll see most often. Awnings have been around forever, but they’ve reinvented themselves over the years. Today’s awnings are either stationary or retractable and come in a nearly endless selection of designs/styles. In addition, awnings are made of aluminum, so they are both low-maintenance and durable. However, canopies have been popular for the past few decades and, as briefly mentioned, are made of polyester. Since polyester is exceptionally versatile, it is usually not difficult to find the color, shape or size of canopy you want. Overall, these canopy covers are ideal for a casual or possibly festive look.