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Here is where you begin your Custom Design,

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 When ordering a Custom Design or Special Order Plan, or Kit , we sometimes need Important Information from you before we can properly visualize and understand your Project and prepare a Design and Cost Estimate. These sometimes include an accurate Site Plan drawn to Scale, some nice JPG digital images of the Site and its' Surroundings, and a very thorough

and detailed description of your Ideas and Desires for the Project.


* About Custom, or Special Order Designs and Structures- Sometimes we can give free estimates, but usually there is a Design / Estimate Fee, as almost all of your requests

are custom and unique. Fill out the form below for your initial inquiry to see what

we may require for your particular request, and to begin the process.

As soon as we properly understand the scope of your Project, we'll be able

to supply you with a Cost Estimate.


  * Please initially Contact Us Online to begin the Process.

   After our Initial Online Contact, we gladly accept phone calls from you when needed,

just set up a Time in advance please.

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Joseph D. Wood - General Contractor Lic. #523278

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Joseph D. Wood - Gen. Contr. Lic. #523278

Telephone: ( 619 ) 462-WOOD ( 9663 )
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Telephone: (619) 462 - WOOD (9663)

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