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Joseph D. Wood
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To inquire about a project, plans, kits, additional information, or other needs/questions, please initially contact us using the form below as we may be in the field, shop, or otherwise not immediately available. We will respond promptly to your form submission. After that, calls and consultations can be scheduled at mutually agreeable times, and your emails receive timely responses. Thank you for understanding that we are craftsmen out practicing and improving our craft.

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Additional Notes

When ordering a custom design or special order plan or kit, we often need important information from you before we can properly visualize and understand your project and prepare a Design and Cost Estimate. These sometimes include having you provide an accurate Site Plan drawn to scale, some nice digital images of your site and its surroundings, and a very thorough and detailed description of your ideas and desires for the project.

Sometimes we can give free estimates, but usually there is a design/estimate fee as almost all requests are custom and unique. After your initial inquiry using the form here, we'll determine what we may require for your particular request, and to begin the process. As soon as we properly understand the scope of your project, we'll be able to supply you with a Design and Cost Estimate.