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From concept…

CAD drawing of custom deck design and build

…to completion

Photo of finished custom deck design and build

We offer Deck Design and Build Services in the San Diego County area and Online Deck Design for those not in our area.

Below are four design and build project examples shown with CAD drawings (top) and photos of the finished project underneath.

Koi Pond Deck

CAD drawing of koi pond deck Finished koi pond deck

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Upper Level Deck

CAD drawing of Asian style 2nd story deck Asian style 2nd story deck

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Curved Deck

CAD drawing of Asian style curved deck Asian style curved deck

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Spa Deck

CAD drawing of curved deck with spa Curved deck with spa

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Superior old world craftsmanship. Finished product true to initial design and exceeded expectations. Professional in every way and one of the best home improvement experiences ever. The ipe deck Joe Wood crafted to accompany our new Koi pond is both functional and a beautiful piece of artwork. The finished product was published in two separate editions of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and continues to be a central feature of our home. Thanks very much Joe!

Distinctive Deck Design Services

WoodsShop is a group of deck design and building professionals specializing in unique projects. The choice of materials and design techniques is anything but average. The best part is, each design is based on your needs, wants, and preferences. We transform all that into creative solutions for you to enjoy and marvel at.

Whether it's local design/build or online design and plans, it starts with the basics like gathering all the details about what you want the design to accomplish. Then we'll need an accurate site plan that includes measurements of your home and property, noting the size and location of features like doors and windows, landscape features and dimensions, elevation changes, and so on.

Lots of digital pictures will be needed. These will also help us to ask all the right questions. We'll need to know about your view, what you would like to accentuate, what you would rather not see, areas for seating, shade, and other design features. Be sure you're prepared by researching any zoning restrictions, historical area requirements, or any other potential issues that influence your design.

Local Deck Design and Build for the San Diego Area

Generally speaking, our deck design and build services are for the “local” area but defining the local service area is somewhat relative. Joe and the construction team will travel when your project warrants it.

Once the necessary information described above is provided to better prepare us in advance, Joe will schedule a morning to meet you, visit your site and get a good feel of the area to further enhance the design process. Another benefit for local homeowners is you don't have to be as detailed with your site plan and pictures. Joe will inform you of what's needed before the site visit.

Design fees generally range from $300 to $600, with $400 being the average. For preparing construction documents and plans, we charge $300, plus any permit fees, usually $300 to $600. Construction costs will be quoted with the design.

Online Deck Design and Plans

This service allows anyone on the planet to have a unique WoodsShop deck design complete with detailed plans for building it. These detailed plans are the most important part of your project! Once we receive all the information and submissions from you to be able to create your design, a design cost estimate will be provided. This estimate will include two revisions if changes to the design ideas are desired. Additional revisions are billed at $75 per hour.

The costs for your custom deck design can vary significantly since each design is custom but the usual range is between $400 and $1000 with $500 being an average. We also have some deck plans already created you may wish to review if you haven't already done so.

NOTICE: For obtaining a building permit to erect one of our deck designs, some local building departments won't accept plans not prepared by the homeowner, or an architect, engineer, or builder licensed in your state. You may need a local professional to review and seal the plans in order for your building department to accept them. It is recommended you research this in advance before purchasing any of our plans. Please refer to our License Agreement.

To get more information on customized deck design, call (619) 462-WOOD (9663) between 7am and 7pm PST, or use our online contact form.