Beautiful Garden, Landscape And Patio Structure Kits,

Many Influenced By Timeless Asian Designs.



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  •  Japanese Entry Gate Kits

    Japanese Entry Gate Kit

  • Torii Gate Kit

    Torii Gate Kit

  • Japanese Style Gazebo Kits

    Azumaya Kits

  • Moon Gate Kit

    Moon Gate Kits

  • Solar Patio Cover Kit

    Solar Patio Cover Kits

  • Pavilion Kits

    Pavilion Kits

  • Curved Arbor Kit

    Curved Arbor Kit


    Our KITS are fabricated from Kiln Dried, Clear Vertical Grained Western Red Cedar,

    one of the nicest and most long-lasting Outdoor Woods.


Based in San Diego, California, Woods Shop is a group of people interested in Fine Quality and Detail, and we Custom Build your order with the best of Craftsmanship and Materials. We offer very great Customer Support before and after your purchase,  by email, and phone if you call us.


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Customized Kits, or One of a Kind Orders -

 We also welcome inquires for other Custom Outdoor Structures you might have in mind, as we enjoy interesting New Projects! We have wonderful Design Capabilities, and our CAD Images and Conceptual Views help you to properly visualize the Project.

 When requesting a price quote for a Custom Wood Structure, we'll sometimes need important information from you before we can properly visualize and understand your project and prepare a Design, and Cost Estimate. These can include an accurate Site Plan drawn to scale, a set of .jpg digital images of the Site and its' surroundings, and a very thorough and detailed description of your Ideas and Desires for the Project.

 Sometimes we can give free estimates, but usually there is a Design-Estimate Fee

for Custom Work because each of your Requests is Unique.

Please initially  Contact Us  Online to begin the process.



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