Japanese Gazebo & Pavilion Kits

Beautiful Gazebo, Pavilion, and Teahouse Kits

Many inspired by Japanese Asian style Designs

Installed in our San Diego area, or high-quality Kits shipped anywhere!

Unique Designs • Quality Workmanship • Fine Materials

Below are 8 examples and rough pricing. Measurements shown are to outside corners of posts. We offer various building sizes and roof styles, with Straight, Curved, and Draped Roof designs, all with wide roof overhangs.

The 6 Azumaya (Japanese gazebo) Designs shown have a Dutch Hip, or Irimoya Style Roof, with exposed curved Ridge Beam, while the 2 Pavilion Designs I show have a regular Hip Roof.  These are Square and Rectangular gazebo and pavilion kits.

Gazebo Kits


6’ x 6’ Straight Azumaya

Japanese gazebo kit

Japanese Style Gazebo

8′ x 8′ Draped Azumaya

Asian pavilion kits

10’ 7” x 8’ 7” Draped Pavilion

Japanese style Gazebo


10′ x 10’ Straight Azumaya

wood gazebo kits


10′ x 10’ Draped Azumaya

wood pavilion kits


10′ x 12’ Curved Azumaya

japanese pavilion kit

12′ x 12’ Draped Azumaya

wooden pavilion kits

Pavilion Kit

12′ x 14’ Draped Pavilion

Don’t see the structure you’d like above? Many of my designs can be lengthened or adjusted to fit your site. Azumaya Plans or Pavilion Plans we can make any of these in to a nice Kit for you,  just ask us for a quote!

Please Contact Us To Order or Just Discuss Your Kit
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Most of the roof structure is cut from clear California Redwood. The Posts, Beams and Knee Braces are Select Tight Knot (STK) Western Red Cedar. Both species are some of the nicest and most stable Timber species for outdoor use. We use such a high grade of timber for the roof pieces because of its beauty, strength and stability, especially important with our Draped and Curved Roof Designs because for the various curved Rafters, when cutting the big curved shapes in the wide 2×12″ boards you want stock that won’t warp, twist and crack after cutting.

All the Roof Pieces are precisely cut by CNC so everything fits perfectly. All pieces are carefully Detailed and Hand Sanded.

* These Buildings are Designed Western-Style, with Rafters, Ridge Beam, Knee Braces, and Modern mostly concealed Connectors, instead of the Traditional Asian Roof Members

Our Kits include all the Roof Structure: Rafters, Laminated Ridge Beam, Webs, all the Blocking, Collar ties, and the Ridge is capped with copper. The 6×6 or 6×8” Posts, 4×8 Beams, and 8 Curved Knee Braces cut from 4×6. All Pieces are Precut and drilled for Fasteners which are also supplied.

* You supply the roof sheathing and roofing and pay for shipping

We include Very Detailed Assembly Instructions

gazebo plans

Azumaya can be built without using a Curved Ridge Beam

traditional japanese gazebo kits

Don’t see the Kit you’d like? We can make most of our Azumaya Plans in to a Kit for you!

Contact Us for a Quote. I also give very good Support should you have any questions, by Email or Phone.

David Caudle

I think Joe was Japanese in a past life, he has such an eye for the subtle scale, balance and harmony in Japanese design and cares deeply for his work…

Kurt Quadri

I have known Joe Wood for over 20 years. I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on many of my garden projects in San Diego…

John B Landscape Architect

Joe is a meticulous craftsman who builds extraordinary structures. He reduces the use of and need for unsightly joist hangers by making mortise and tenon joints that are not only beautiful, but potentially stronger than using hangers…

John Charlton

Joe first constructed a Japanese styled gate for my garden in 2006. His craftsmanship and the materials that he used were of superior quality…

I am a remodeling professional specializing in long term relationships with clients that want great work and guidance towards their goals. Joe’s Plans are well thought out and he is so great on support…
Japanese Azumaya Gazebo

The list of tools you will need to assemble a gazebo includes two step ladders, two drills, hammers, pliers, long spirit level, marker pen, tape measure, clamps and saw for trimming roof boards.

An average time to assemble one of our gazebo kits, with two people, could be anywhere between 50 man hours and up, depending on site conditions, size of the gazebo Etc.

Please Contact Me to discuss your gazebo project, then after I know the size, and your shipping address I can get an accurate shipping quote for you.