Pavilion Kits

Pavilion Kits

Available Installed Locally or as a Kit

We presently offer 6 different Gazebo Pavilion Kits, with Straight, Curved, and Draped Roof versions of the Dutch Hip, or Irimoya Style Roof, with extended ridge beam and wide roof overhangs. We are located in San Diego but ship our kits nationwide, even internationally.

Measurements are to outside corners of posts. Prices shown installed and as kits. The two prices shown are, installed in the San Diego Area complete with Cedar Shingle Roofing, or as a Kit and you supply The 1×4 skip sheathing and roofing. Crating and shipping extra.

8′ x 8” Draped Roof


$19,500 Installed Or Kit $14,180

10’x10′ Draped Roof


$21,200 Installed Or Kit $15,600

12 x 12′ Draped Roof

$23,400 Installed Or Kit $16,200

10’x10′ Curved Roof

$21,200 Installed Or $15,600 Kit

10’x10′ Straight Roof

$13,800 Installed Or $11,200 Kit

12′ x 12′ Curved Roof


$23,000 Installed Or $16,200 Kit

Don’t see the Kit you’d like? We can make any of our Azumaya and Pavilion Plans in to a Kit for you!

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The Posts And Beams Are STK Western Red Cedar, While All The Roof Structure

Is Cut From Clear KD Tight Grained Cedar Western Red Cedar, one of the nicest and most stable Wood for Fine Outdoor Structures. We use such a High Grade because of it’s Beauty, Strength and Stability, Especially Important with our Draped And Curved Roof Designs when Cutting Big Curves in the Rafters out of wide 2×12″ boards, you want stock that won’t warp, twist and crack after cutting.

All the Roof Pieces are precisly cut by CNC so everything fits perfectly. Carefully Detailed And Hand Sanded.
Quality Workmanship And Fine Materials.

* These Buildings are Designed Western-Style, with Rafters, Ridge Beam, Knee Braces, and Modern mostly concealed Connectors, instead of the Traditional Asian Roof Members and can be Set into the Ground to gain lateral stability and no Knee Braces Needed, or set on Concrete Footings, and using Knee Braces.

Our Kits include all the Roof Structure Pieces: Rafters, Laminated Ridge Beam, Webs, all the Blocking, Collar ties, the Copper Ridge Cap, and two Copper Ridge/ Roof Flashings.
And The 8 Curved Knee Braces Cut From 4×6. The 6×8 Posts and 4×8 Beams Are
Notched In To Each Other At The Corners.
All Pieces are Precut and drilled for Fasteners which are also supplied. You supply the metal post bases.

We include Very Detailed Assembly Instructions

Azumaya can be built without using a Curved Ridge Beam

Don’t see the Kit you’d like? We can make most of our Azumaya Plans in to a Kit for you!

Contact Us for a Quote. I also give very good Support should you have any questions, by Email or Phone.

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What we send you and what you supply

Knee Braces


See Seven of our Azumaya Kits

10′ x 12′ Curved Roof

10′ x 10′ Curved Roof


12′ x 12′ Draped Roof


10′ x 10′ Draped Roof

12′ x 12′ Curved Roof


10′ x 10′ Straight Roof

10′ x 10′ Straight Roof

Please Contact Me directly by email or phone to purchase an Azumaya Kit.

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