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 Deck Design San Diego

Creative Deck Designs from San Diego

Below, the Top Row of images are the CAD views of 4 Deck Designs

while the Bottom Row are Photos of the Completed Projects.

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Designs for Decks
Deck Design
deck design
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Deck Plans
Plans for Decks
 Deck Design


See more Deck Designs on our Deck Plan Page

and Other Designs never built, waiting for a home!

See an example of our Deck Plans and the level of Detail.

Read a .pdf Article on Joe's Creative Deck Designs

Online Deck Design and Plans  (San Diego area Deck Design-Build below)

 A well thought-out custom Home Deck Design should be thought of as a wise investment, and not as an added expense, and is in fact the most important part of your project !

 Based in San Diego, California, WoodsShop is a group of people interested only in the finest quality and detail. All of our Deck Designs will be upper-end projects which will cost considerably more then your "average" deck because of the materials used, higher level of skills needed, and amount of time it takes to complete a project with our level of details !

 I have wonderful Deck and Patio Design capabilities as you can tell from this website, and only create tailored, custom deck and patio designs. I like to create something nicer for each new project, and welcome your input during the process.

 Have you seen a style, or certain design element in one of our deck or patio designs that you like, and think might suit your site ? You start by sending me an accurate site plan to scale, being careful to note the important measurments such as the dimensions of the house (with location and sizes of any windows and doors), and the dimensions of the site itself including any significent hardscape and softscape features. Also important are elavation differences, for instance, the height of the door sill from existing grade, and any other significant grade

changes across the proposed project site.

 I also need some good .jpg digital photos of the area and it's surroundings. Most importantly, some descriptive and detailed notes from you about your ideas, needs, and desires, and any other factor that could influence your deck design, such as, where your view is, and which sides of the deck would need screening because of neighbors or unsightly views, and where you would like seating, shade, or other deck structures. Also research if there are zoning, setback, historical district, or other restrictions that apply.

 As soon as I have this information, and properly understand the scope of your project, I will supply you with a Cost Estimate for your Design. You are allowed 2 revisions to my Design ideas, ffter those 2 revisions, if there is further design work needed, it will be billed at $75 an hour.

 The cost for my Deck and Patio Designs vary quite a bit, as each of your requests is custom.

My fees range from $400 up to $1,000, with $500 being an average.

 I also offer some Deck Plans of our Already-Designed Decks that you've seen on our website, to save you the Design fees. Please initially Contact Us Online to begin the process.

* We can also prefabricate and ship to you many of the more custom elements that make our work so special, like deck railings, seating components, screens, arbors, pergolas, and other shade, deck, and garden structures.


Local San Diego area  Design - Build  Projects

 You send us the information as described above, then I will come spend the morning at your site, meet you, and get a good feel for the area, further enhancing the Design Process. I'd like you to send me a few initial pictures of the area (so I can arrive a little better prepared) and, provide me with an accurate Site Plan to Scale if possible.

 Being local, we can work together as we refine our Project. As soon as we work up a

Beautiful Design I'll be able to give you a price for the construction. The Design Fees

ranges from $300 to $600, with $400 being the average. For pulling Permits and preparing Construction Docs and Plans I charge $300, plus any permit fees, usually $300 to $600.


If you are outside of our local San Diego area, I'll consider traveling for an Onsite Visit with you. I loosely structure this round trip travel time fee at $40 per hour and $.50 a mile for Projects

in California, based on travel time using Map Quest, with Spring Valley, Calif. 91977 as the

Starting Point. We will consider traveling out of state, or Anywhere on the Planet, if it's for

a Special Project which warrants special, personal Design. We generally don't travel

outside of our local area for the actual construction, but there are exceptions! 

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For Online Deck Designs-

* A note about your local Building Department should you need a building Permit. Some Building Departments won't accept plans that weren't prepared by the Owner, or an Architect, Engineer, or Builder who is licensed in your state. You may, or may not need to pay a local Professional to review and seal the plans so that your Building Department will accept them. These issues should be researched before going ahead with your Deck Design.

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