Gig Harbor Gable

This is the 7′ X 8′ 3″ in a beautiful setting , built in Gig Harbor, Washington State


Hello Joe;
Yes, I’m finishing the project up and having guests over tomorrow to celebrate the 98% completion. I altered the plans a bit. I added a deck and steps as you’ll see in the attached pictures.

One major change I made was in the using a built up roof deck as recommended by the Cedar and Shake bureau for our high humidity climate. In short, first I laid down the tongue and groove cedar, then on top of it, I laid down 1x2s (along the rafters), then on top of these I laid down skip sheathing and from there, the shingles. The difficult part was fabricating the rakes as you’ll see in the pictures, I curved the rakes, so they curved in two planes.

Another change I also used ground contact rated 6x6s for the posts.
I later cased these in 3/4 material that I painted.

These plan changes and my inexperience, compounded by our variable weather has really added time to the project. I’ve learned a lot, made my share of mistakes but so far everyone has had positive comments.