Zanes Azumaya

This is a 10′ x 10′ Curved Roof Azumaya Kit.

This Azumaya doesn’t have a curved, exposed Ridge Beam like my usual Azumaya Designs. Instead it has a straight western style ridge, which my client wanted left exposed, with a curved end.

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The Journal of Japanese Gardenening has a nice article on this Garden and Azumaya in their Jan. / Feb. 2011 issue, titled “My Sukiya Retreat, Pond and Azumaya Construction”

Review from my Customer-

I am a Sukiya Living garden enthusiast and have done Japanese gardening for 20 years. My project in 2010 was to build a Japanese azumaya next to my koi pond.

I got Joe’s contact information from the Japanese Journal of Gardening (JJOG). And I got a great reference from a professor back east who used Joe’s design to build a tea house.

I loved Joe’s azumaya design but he is located in San Diego and I am near San Francisco. The shipping costs for the kit materials would be very high. But I did not have the equipment or skills to cut the curved rafter pieces. So Joe and I worked out a plan where I purchased and cut the large heavy timbers locally for posts and beams. And he shipped the rest of the kit from San Diego. Joe supported my frequent calls with patience and good advise long after payment was received.

My azumaya is the centerpiece of my garden and a great place to relax and take in the garden and koi. The JJOG was impressed with the photo result, and I was asked to publish my story in their magazine. The JJOG is a very small magazine that promotes the hard core Japanese way with the highest standards. So publishing with them was a real honor. Joe gets a lot of stars from me. And occasionally we still connect to discuss my garden gate project.