Moon Gate Kits

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This wooden Moongate Kit has different Ordering and rough Pricing Options as seen below. Please Contact Us for an updated Kit quote.

Made from clear hand selected California Redwood, one of the nicest outdoor use timbers

Moon Gate Kits

Moon Gate Kits 1

MoonGate next to stream

– See Pricing Further Down Page –

This first Moon Gate, with shoji like fencing to either side, is fabricated from Kiln Dried, Clear Vertical Grained Old Growth Western Red Cedar, one of the Nicest and most long-lasting Outdoor Woods.

wooden moon gate kit

Moon Gate Kits 2
Moon Gate Kits 3

Moongate kits

Moon Gate Kits 4

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Moon Gate Kits 5

Dojo Moon Gate, Moon Only


Redwood Moon Gate with Posts

Moon Gate Kits 6

Redwood Moon Gate with Posts

I designed this Moon with a specific radius, to have the Min. Code inside walk thru height clearance of 6′ 8″, using 20′ long boards (the longest I can get locally) for the 9 laminations. We can design and build one with another radius, but then we’d also need to make a new circular clamping jig which would add onto the price.

* All pieces come Carefully Detailed and Hand Sanded.

Purchase Moon Gate Kit –

Please Contact Me directly by email or phone to first discuss your Moon Gate Kit.

Option 1 – Order the Moon Only. $3,000 + $450 Crating + Shipping

Option 2– Order the Laminated Moon including the two Main Posts, which are Notched around and attached to the Moon.

Moon Gate Kits 7
Moon Gate Kits 8
Moon Gate Kits 9

$3,700 + $450 Crating + Shipping

Before Purchasing, you can Contact Us for Shipping Options and Costs.

Option 3 – Get the Moon, Posts, Both Notched for Rails that You Supply.

Moon Gate Kits 10
Moon Gate Kits 11
Moon Gate Kits 12
Moon Gate Kits 13

Approximate Price $4,800 + $450 Crating + Shipping

Option 4 – Order the complete Moon Gate (as seen here) with 8’ Of Shoji Fencing to either side, You assemble the Fencing, all the pieces are pre- cut and carefully detailed

Moon Gate Kits 14
Moon Gate Kits 15
Moon Gate Kits 16

Approximate. Price $7,000 + Shipping

Moon Gate Kits 17

Watch us Build a Moon Gate