License Agreement

License Agreement (KITS, PLANS and DESIGNS) for WoodsShop

Joseph Wood, DBA Woods Shop, or any employees or representatives of Woods Shop assume no liability and make or imply no warranties or guarantees of any kind for any buildings or structures constructed from these PLANS, KITS, and DESIGNS. The purchaser of these PLANS, KITS and DESIGNS is responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the following before any construction commences. The purchase of any of our PLANS, KITS or DESIGNS constitutes agreement with all of the following terms and conditions.

1- Use of PLANS

A. All plans are the property of Joseph Wood DBA Woods Shop, and all rights are reserved and protected by Federal and international Copyright Laws. The resale, copying, or duplication by any means of these PLANS is a violation of Copyright Laws.

B. License to construct ONE and only ONE structure from these plans is granted to the purchaser. The construction of more than one structure from these plans will usually require the payment of additional fees for additional Build Licenses unless agreed upon in advance. I Love seeing my Structures getting built, but the One Thing I hate most in Life is seeing my Plans being used for commercial gain, and that I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

2- Any use of or modifications made to these PLANS, KITS or DESIGNS by the purchaser or others will be at their own risk. Woods Shop is not liable for any defects or negative outcome resulting from said modifications.

3- The purchaser is advised to check with local building authorities to ascertain whether or not an architect’s or engineer’s review of the PLAN, KIT or Design is required before construction. Some locales require such a review and it is up to the purchaser of these plans to have them reviewed if required. Review by a local Architect or Engineer can point out any changes or additions that may need to be made in order to meet local building codes or site conditions that were not designed for. Woods Shop is not liable for, nor makes any warranties, either expressed or implied, for the quality of construction or workmanship, or for the safety of any changes, additions, or modifications made by others to these plans.

Builder’s Responsibilities

1. It is the builder’s responsibility to assure that all work done is in accordance with the latest applicable national, state and local Building Codes and Construction Standards.

2. It is the responsibility of the builder to check all dimensions and details for accuracy and to assure that they are appropriate to local conditions and to the final selection of all materials and components.


1. Names of materials and manufacturers shown on these plans do not represent any endorsement or recommendation by Woods Shop. Final selection of materials and components are the responsibility of the purchaser of these plans and/or the builder. Any specific types or brands of Equipment, Components, Fasteners or Materials shown on these plans are merely suggestions and are not necessarily the only options available.

2. Woods Shop shall bear no responsibility for any defects of workmanship, installation or quality of parts, components, materials or equipment installed or assembled.

3. Joseph Wood DBA Woods Shop shall bear no responsibility for any repercussions resulting from changes made to these plans by others, or for repercussions caused by the builder’s negligence or failure to read, correctly interpret, or follow the plans.


Any controversy arising out of or relating to this License Agreement shall be settled exclusively by arbitration in San Diego, California, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then in force. You and we agree to abide by all awards and decisions in an arbitration proceeding, and all such awards and decisions may be filed by the prevailing party with any court having jurisdiction over the person or property of the other party as a basis for judgment and the issuance of execution thereon. The fees of the arbitrator and the expenses of arbitration shall be apportioned between the parties as determined by the arbitrator.