Pavillion Kits

Own a perfect pavilion shade in your personal style, size, and budget.

Custom Wood Pavilion Kits Built for You

Transform your backyard into a celebration spot with pavilion kits. Your time has come to enjoy days & nights the way always imagined, with friends and family under the same roof.

If want to find the cheapest way to build a personalized pavilion using prefab, precut & premium quality materials, buying pavilion kits make this dream come true.

Each pavilion is manufactured by professional craftsmen based on individual needs and specifications. Delivering custom wood pavilions to the needs of the property owners brings guaranteed satisfaction.

End your search for the custom-built pavilion, WoodsShop can help you choose a variety of styles, deliver the necessary hardware into a kit and implement an easy installation of your DIY pavilion project.

Explore Our Wood Pavilion Kit Styles

  • Types of Gazebos
  • Semi-Permanent Square Gazebo
Benefits of wood Pavilion Kits

Benefits of Using Timber Pavilion Kits

No matter what style, size, or materials you choose, timber pavilion offer you all the benefits you seek. WoodsShop outdoor Pavilion Kits foster a range of qualities to perfectly fit hot tubs, poolside bars, kitchens, backyards, patios, and basically all modern uses.

  • Natural beauty & functionality
  • Adaptive to any wood stain color
  • 45-50 Year average lifespan
  • Eco-friendly material
  • More Durability

At WoodsShop, we pay attention to details, meticulous finishes, and customizations so that we can create the timber pavilion of your dreams.

Why Buy Pavilion Kits at WoodsShop?

WoodsShop is the leading vendor of pre-engineered pavilion kits for sale. Our team of specialists puts their 100% commitment into building a structure that adds value to the backyard. Crafted for perfection, pavilion kits at WoodsShop exemplify high-standard features.

  • Highly accurate construction
  • Weather-resistant facility
  • Money-saving installation
  • Unmatched hardware quality
  • Flexible choice of designs

How Do We Manufacture Wooden Pavilion Kits

Each piece of the Timber Frame Pavilion is cut to a precise measurement. When Timber Frame pieces go for installation, all the Mortise and Tenon joints fit perfectly together. We pride ourselves on using higher technologies for pre-cutting and manufacturing, making sure that the materials are going to go together. No matter what size of the pavilion is needed, our handcrafted pavilion kits always support the perfect fit of each piece.

FAQs About Pavilion Kits

How much does it cost to build a wooden pavilion?

The cost of the wooden Pavilion kit depends on various factors such as style, shape, and materials you choose. The price can also be affected by any add-ons to your Pavilions, like side walls, floor coverings, or rooftops.

How long do wood pavilions last?

The usual lifespan of the pavilions is 40-45 years when you keep the structure well maintained after the application of the maintenance measures every year.

What Size Pavilion Do I Need?

It depends a lot on what size your backyard or outdoor space is. Our 12’x14′ pavilion is probably the most demanding size. If you want to have a large pavilion kit, this would be enough to have a table and a few chairs underneath comfortably.

Are Wooden Pavilion Kits Worth it?

Buying a pavilion kit can make the process easier and cheaper to build your own pavilion structure for outdoor space. Pavilion kits are relatively easy to assemble and come in many sizes, styles, and construction materials.