Solar Patio Plans

These Plans are for a Solar Patio Cover with 394 square feet of Solar Roof Area, or 27′ 10″ long and 14′ 2″ wide. The Posts are 12′ from the wall, and the Roof overhangs another 2′.


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This Solar Roof uses four rows of five Solar Panels, the 6T Series from Helios Solar Works.

The Power Inverters and Optimizer are from Solar Edge
Mounted on the Patio Cover using Solar Tracks from

These are two sample 3′ x 2′ Plans Pages. I don’t design the solar part anymore, just the structure supporting the solar.

I send you the Pages as PDF files which you have Printed on 3′ x 2′ paper.

My Client-
” Joe,
I finally got the chance to take the plans by the County for the official permit request. It took over 6 hours but I was able to get the permit.

I will tell you that the inspector doing the structural review was very impressed with your drawings and detail. “

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See more 3D Views of this Solar Patio Cover

We Email you these Plans as two 3′ x 2′ Plans-Pages.pdf, and a third 3′ x 2′ Page.pdf with the three Electrical Specification Pages on it and space left for your 17″ x 24″ Plot Plan which you’ll need to provide (and place on the .pdf file) if pulling a Permit.

All three of these 3′ x 2′ pages you have printed. We don’t provide any Structural or Electrical Engineering.

This Solar Cover is designd to meet the strict California structural Code and a 12′ Height Restriction .

* A note about your local Building Department should you need a Building Permit *
Some Building Departments won’t accept plans that weren’t prepared by the Owner, Architect, Engineer, or Builder who is licensed in your state. You may, or may not need to pay a local professional to review and seal the plans so that your building department will accept them. These issues should be researched before purchasing any of our Plans.

– Order these Solar Patio Cover Plans for $120

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