Tazmanian Gazebo With Gable Roof

This is one of our Gable Plans built in Tazmania!


Gazebo or Pavilion in Tasmania with a Gable Roof


Hello Joe
I have attached a few photos of the curved gable frame. I haven’t yet decided yet how to roof it. As you can see one gable end overhang (and end braces) has been left out where it is fixed to the brick wall. The overhang at the other end is also shorter (one foot rather than two) but I have put the end braces in here. The smaller dimensions for the structure were forced on me by the site and even then it is closer to one of the trees than I would like.

The timber is hemlock for the posts and hardwood (Tasmanian Oak) for the remainder of the roof structure – except for the end braces which are baltic pine. I left out the knee braces as these don’t seem to be needed given that the gable end is fixed to the brick wall.

I am now building the deck underneath while I decide on the roofing material. The deck is built on a treated pine frame with 130mm wide ironbark decking (very durable), with a sandstone insert at one end of around 3′ x 3′.

Below is the nice circular saw jig that Kerry built to cut the curved Rafters


As suggested on your website, the curved Rafters can be cut fairly easily with a circular saw. Essentially this just uses a curved piece of hardwood that the blank slides under to do the cut on the top of the beam. A spacer (122mm wide) is then inserted for the bottom cut. I used a small diameter circular saw because I thought this might handle the curve better that a larger blade. However, each cut needs to be done in two passes or else the saw struggles.