Timms Azumaya

Timm’s 12′ x 12′ Draped Azumaya with Tiled Roof !

Timms Azumaya 1
Timms Azumaya 3
Timms Azumaya 5
Timms Azumaya 7
Timms Azumaya 9
Timms Azumaya 11

” I think the Tile Roof came out so well because we had great roofers – they spent at least four days on this small roof – cutting , grinding, and getting it to look this well.

The roofing tiles are MonierLifeTiles from the Barcelona / Salerno Clay collection. Their web site describes the flashing (which is lifetime guaranteed along with the tiles themselves). To us – this is a close representation to what we saw in china.

I didn’t take a photo of the gable / hip intersection but it worked fine- the installation wasn’t easy – grinding off parts of each tile, etc., but the final result is fine with us. ”