Japanese Asian Gazebo Kits

Beautiful Gazebo Kits Inspired By Japanese Asian style Designs

Installed in our San Diego area, or high-quality Kits shipped almost anywhere!

Unique Designs • Quality Workmanship • Fine Materials

Below I show 6 Azumaya (Japanese gazebo) Designs and 2 Pavilion Designs with very rough pricing

8′ x 8” Draped Roof


Kit $14,180

10’x10′ Draped Roof


Kit $15,600

12 x 12′ Draped Roof


Kit $16,200

10’x10′ Curved Roof


Kit $15,600

10’x10′ Straight Roof


Kit $11,200

12′ x 12′ Curved Roof


Kit $16,200

Don’t see the Kit you’d like? We can make any of our Azumaya Japanese Gazebo and Pavilion Plans into a Kit for you!

Japanese Style Gazebo Kit Handcrafted From Redwood Strong Build That Lasts Ages 

Woodshop is known for its exceptional customer service and attention to detail, making the buying and building process a positive experience for its customers.

We do as the Asians do and that’s how we build all our Japanese gazebo kits. Our plans are designed to be easy to follow and include detailed illustrations and Japanese-style gazebo woodworking plans so you can create your gazebo with confidence.

Our kits are crafted from the finest quality redwood material that strengthens and offers stability to the structure — including all the components you need to assemble a stunning outdoor structure. The kits come with pre-cut, pre-drilled pieces and all the hardware you need to get the job done.

We include Very Detailed Assembly Instructions


Azumaya can be built without using a Curved Ridge Beam


Don’t see the Kit you’d like? We can make most of our Azumaya Plans in to a Kit for you! Contact Us for a Quote. I also give very good Support should you have any questions, by Email or Phone.

Japanese Style Gazebo Woodworking Plan 

More than any other Gazebo, Japanese style design comes balanced and simple, handcrafted with precision and that’s its real beauty.  

Our Japanese gazebo kits are the perfect addition for anyone who loves the simplicity and elegance of Japanese architecture. We offer a variety of unique Japanese gazebo designs such as – Japanese tea house gazebos, Japanese curved roof gazebos, draped roofs, and straight roofs. 

Our Japanese-style gazebo plans are designed to be easy to follow and implement, even for those who are new to woodworking. Our woodworking plan includes detailed instructions and illustrations every step of the way. With this, you’ll get all the materials you need to build your own gazebo in one convenient package.

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What we send you and what you supply

Knee Braces


See Seven of our Azumaya Kits

10′ x 12′ Curved Roof


10′ x 10′ Curved Roof


12′ x 12′ Draped Roof


10′ x 10′ Draped Roof


12′ x 12′ Curved Roof


10′ x 10′ Straight Roof


10′ x 10′ Straight Roof


What makes Woodshop no.1 choice for Japanese Gazebo Kits? 

Besides budget and style, we keep considering the following to offer you the best-in-class Japnese Gazebo Kit-

  • High-quality material 
  • Skilled and Expert Craftsmanship 
  • Use of Traditional and Modern Techniques
  • Beautiful & Durable Structure
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Customized Designs & Consultations 

Please Contact Me directly by email or phone to purchase an Azumaya Kit.