8 Landscaping Projects That Increase Your Home Value

8 Landscaping Projects That Increase Your Home Value

Are you planning to sell your home in 2023? If Yes, then making a few changes to your property’s Landscaping Projects can astonishingly increase your home value. How?

Well, landscaping is an amazing yet impactful exterior tool that can benefit you with increased property prices. One of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) posts claims and concludes that adding landscaping projects can increase your home price tag by 15 % to 20% more during the time of home resale. In fact, it is found that a well-landscaped home gets a significant advantage of around $16,500 to $38,100 amount increase at a home value of $300,000 home.

No matter whether real estate is skyrocketing the property’s value or not, it is essential that you must think of how to increase home value by adding great curb appeal. So by the end of the day, you will be rewarded with a great ROI.

So, to keep your home landscaping project financially rewarding, here in this article we are going to explain eight landscaping projects that are best to increase your home value whether you resale it or think of adding pleasing visuals to it.

 8 Best Landscaping Projects That Can Increase Your Home

Below we have listed down some of the best landscaping project ideas that you can use to keep your home updated with modern and timeless projects:

  1. Timeless Addons for Captivating Backyard
  2. Plants & Trees for Refreshing Foundation
  3. Spruce Up Your Home Landscape with Landscape Lighting
  4. Water Feature for Backyard Paradise
  5. Texturing Pavement Floor for an Inviting Look
  6. Proper Shaping, Irrigating & Maintaining your Lawn
  7. Pit Fire & Outdoor Kitchen for All Season Fun
  8. Install Automatic Sprinklers to Save Time & Energy

1. Timeless Addons for Captivating Backyard

If you are thinking about whether landscaping projects are best to increase home value or not. Then we’ll say don’t think of it too much. If you have a budget and you desire to lighten up your home valley. Then landscaping projects are 100% the best way to increase your home value.

Ever think of timeless add-ons? Outdoor living spaces such as customized gazebos, Pavilions, pergolas, swimming pools, or a deck are amazing additions. As it not only increases your home space but will also offer you with outdoor kitchen, sitting space, or even a small wedding venue!

Who doesn’t want to get such a feature at their home? Right! According to the National Association of Realtors report, buyers seek out homes with such spaces and are willing to pay even more for such add-ons.

Before making such a big investment don’t forget to consider questions to ask yourself for choosing best gazebo, pavilion, pergola, or any other addition you find perfect as a home addon.

2. Plants & Trees for Refreshing Foundation

Yes! Even a simple addition such as plants or trees can add value to your home. It’s the most preferred and budget-friendly landscaping project that is advised by nearly every expert.

Additionally, the trees that offer shade can also provide substantial energy savings too. Which are amazing anyway, but what’s the catch? Well, trees can be harmful to offer you loss instead of a great ROI. Hence, we recommend you get professional advice instead of selecting it yourself.

Also, installing low water plants or native plants are great addon that saves not just your expenses but your future homeowner’s expenses too.

No water, Low water, or draught tolerating plant landscapes are also an evergreen addition to home foundations that are great for the estimated payoff.

3. Spruce Up Your Home Landscape with Landscape Lighting

Another best way to increase the curb appeal of your home is landscape lighting. From pathway lights to showcase lights, exterior lightings are the most desired landscaping feature by homebuyers.

Landscape light options such as LED or solar options are great ways to increase the value of your home. This feature offers you double benefits by saving your hard earned money on energy consumption and improving the curb appeal of your outdoor space.

Another best thing about upgrading the exterior of your home with lighting is, it not only increases the value of your property but also enhances home security too. You can choose to go with sidewalks, sliding glass doors, garage door sides, stairs, or porches for lighting addon. 

But don’t forget to keep a budget for such fittings as you may find some fancy lights in the market too which may cost you more. Go with decent yet classy lights, it’s the lights that illuminate the home’s beauty not the outer design you select.

You don’t need to go too fancy, a sophisticated light highlighting your planters would work great to get any homebuyer’s attention

4. Water Feature for Backyard Paradise

If you have a spacious ground or front yard then the addition of a water feature can make your home stand out from ṭhe rest.

Introducing water features for homes like fountains or small ponds can help you increase your home market value. Adding a medium size or a big water feature can increase your home value but with that, it also increases its maintenance too.

It is essential to understand that no matter big or small, adding a fountain or pond in the backyard creates a positive image in the mind of the homebuyers while making a decision. 

If you want to go simple and think of an affordable addition, then besides fountains or ponds, a bird bath can also be an amazing outdoor water feature to add. As it comes cost-effective, budget-friendly, and will surely catch the eyes of avid home buyers.

5. Texturing Pavement Floor for an Inviting Look

If your home is big and spacious featuring every other amenity but if there’s no good flooring or pavement floor outside your home. There’s a possibility that you could fail to make a good impression on buyers on the first visit. 

The first impression is everything when it comes to attracting home buyers. But what really engages them is the curb appeal of your home.

A good landscape flooring design or pavement floor is one of the great ways to increase the value of your home. Paving around the house emphasizes the entrance of your home and brings it an inviting look.

But remember a wrong pavement material selection can ruin the entire home’s architecture. Thus, for the right selection, you can take the help of a design professional who can guide you in selecting the right material.

6. Proper Shaping, Irrigating & Maintaining your Lawn

Home maintenance is a must even when you are not putting your home on the selling list. So when you thought of selling your home you will not get burdened with an extreme cleaning in the end.

Proper lawn care and cleaning can easily add value to your home as well as get you compliments from your neighbors. Which could work as an indirect promotion and who does not like it?

During the selling process, a perfect loan creates a great impression on potential buyers. A healthy lush green garden is similar to a freshly painted home. So, it is important for homeowners to shape, maintain and irrigate their lawns properly.

You don’t need to go too hard initially. Performing simple improvements such as trimming unsightly, weeding, maintaining overgrown shrubs, and trimming. Washing dirty plant surfaces and applying fresh mulch can do wonders.

Make sure to keep the grass in good shape with regular mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Doing such will pay you a great return on investment during the selling process.

7. Pit Fire & Outdoor Kitchen for All Season Fun

Ever wonder how great it is to build an outdoor kitchen? It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or bigger space you can enjoy excellent cooking and food options with your family and friends.

All that becomes possible only when you install the outdoor kitchen. Since patios are a great sought-after amenity for many home buyers. Making them a valuable addition by adding a dining area or outdoor kitchen can do wonders in selling a home quickly with a great ROI of 100 – 200% increased value. 

It is said that a well-designed patio help sellers earn not just a 10-20% increased home value but also get great ROI of over 80-90%. So, just by simply adding a stove, barbecue, or sitting option you can add value to your home easily.

8. Install Automatic Sprinklers to Save Time & Energy

Another best yet most valuable addition is the automatic sprinkler system. Since the sprinkler system came automated, it saves every house owner’s time and money.

Homeowners can easily program these and set specified intervals so they do not need to check on them every time. In fact, they can also save water from doing over watering. Every time, it rains these sprinklers sense the level of water and determine whether to sprinkle water or not.

It’s a great landscape project addition that benefits future homeowners too, keeping their home valley fresh and green significantly saving energy.

Final Words: Landscaping Projects That Increase Your Home Value

The best part about the above-suggested landscaping projects is that these add-ons are timeless projects. So, not just you who will get great ROI from the increased value of your home but your current potential home buyers too. So, ultimately adding such landscaping projects creates a win-win scenario for you and your potential buyer.

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