Japanese Asian Gazebo Plans Details

Our Tea House Plans include Details for the Roof structure, Posts and Beams.
We don’t supply any Floor Details (except for the Extended Roof Models), Interior or Exterior Wall Details, windows, doors Etc. as sometimes shown in these CAD Images

* These Asian – Styled Buildings are Designed Western – Style, with Rafters, Extended Ridge Beam, Rafter Ties Etc., Instead of the Traditional Asian Roof members.

* Plans can also Special Ordered, modified and tailored to fit your site.

Plans are in Imperial, we can convert them to Metric usually for an additional $100.

* These Azumayas can be Set into the Ground to gain lateral stability, or set on Concrete Footings, and using Knee Braces or other lateral bracing.

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We don’t supply any Engineering Data for our Azumayas, usually not a problem with our smaller structures, but with our larger Azumayas you may or may not need to have a local Architect or Engineer review and stamp the Plans.

See line 3 of our License Agreement.

All of our PLANS come with an accurate Materials and Resource List.

I also give very good Support should you need any advice!

Our Curved and Draped Roof Plans come with full sized Template.pdf files for the Curved Rafters.

We email you the JPG Image Files for each Plan Page and Full Sized PDF Template Files (if needed). Each of the 8.5″x11″ Plans Pages you print out at home, and the full sized Templates ( if needed ) are taken to a Printers and printed on 12″ wide paper.

Click the 3 Images below to see example of Plans Files we send you