San Diego Patio Cover

Patio cover

The hot summer months, and the intensity of heat from the sun can of course not be very comfortable. Luckily, “Woods Shop” in San Diego, CA has an easy, affordable solution. Our premium patio covers are outlined or designed to guard you, your family, and your guests from the rays of sun so you can benefit from outdoor barbecues, picnics, and parties especially in the hot days.

A premium quality San Diego patio cover will shield you from humid and hot weather during hot summer months. It can protect your outdoor furniture from the sun’s UV rays and keep them in excellent shape in the long run. A customized patio cover will expand living space (Outdoor) allowing your beloved one to time in the backyard in spite of any type of season you may have. Even though many house owners don’t comprehend it, a quality patio cover can assist keep the interior of your home cool.

Let us talk about the types of San Diego patio covers available in the market –

Patio Covers (Wooden) – If you want to invest in simple and elegant patio covers, wooden covers make a top choice. Wood has been around for centuries as a building material and is known for its natural colors and patterns. Till date the wooden patios are trendy and most liked pattern. However, the wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather resistance, and polishing.

Aluminum patio cover – Among metal covers, aluminum is the most commonly used material for its durability, light weight, and flexibility in design. These patio covers are durable and low maintenance for a long period of time. There are an assortment of options in style, design, and colors. You can apply any type of fake finish to the aluminum covers to customize the style and look of your choice. Aluminum has high water and weather resistance which means it can withstand harsh weather, rain and moisture without significant wear and tear.

Acrylic patio cover – There are several varieties available in Acrylic or vinyl patio covers with different finish and shade. Especially made of material of plastic it can endure harsh weather conditions. These covers are low-maintenance, easy to clean and resistant to damage. However, if you do not apply polish or paint, vinyl may discolor under high exposure to UV radiation.

Different Styles of Patio Covers –

Solid Patio Covers – If you’re looking for a covered patio for the winter or live in an area with heavy rain and snow, a solid patio cover is the safest option. The good feature of the Solid Patio Covers is that it completely covers the deck and protects you from the weather outside.

Mesh cover – These are partial covers for your patio and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this, individual jaalis are joined together to form a pattern which is attractive and elegant.

Therefore, each project wood shop building is unique, whether it is built from one of our existing designs or custom built for your property, each structure is a work of art. Joe Wood combines constant advancement in his skills, innovation and love of his craft to make every project better than the last one.