Backyard Staycation Ideas: 7 Tips to Transform your Outdoor

7 Tips to Transform your Outdoor

Getting confused about where to spend your time on vacation? Or don’t have enough budget to spend your money at expensive places? Transforming your backyard into a staycation resort would be your perfect choice.

However, you might be wondering how to design your backyard to create a staycation space, that’s where backyard staycation tips and ideas come in place.

7 Backyard Staycation Tips to Transform your Backyard

Here are 7 tips for you to transform your backyard into the best staycation: 

1. Create space for your favorite activities

If you are more involved in outside activities, turning your backyard into a staycation would allow you to create a space to just do that. You will never miss your favorite activities such as reading a book in the shade, playing outdoor backyard games, or simply laying in the sun.

Another great way is to add an outdoor playset to enjoy your time playing with younger children for hours.

2. Add shade structure

Adding a shade with either a gazebo or pergola is a great way to create an ultimate backyard staycation. Hot sun in the afternoon could take your fun out – especially when it’s a month of summer and you would never want that.

Thus, adding shade can help you create a space to sit and relax your day under the durable structure, keeping you well protected from hot weather. WoodsShop has been an industry leader known for designing the best quality material for backyards and providing customized results.

Our gazebos, pavilions, and patio covers are designed by experts to ensure guaranteed protection from the sun. Our kits are easy to assemble and crafted from material that provides UV protection from the sun during the day.

 3. Add privacy to the backyard

Anything you add to your backyard needs an evaluation of the area to ensure a perfect fit by leaving a living space. If you want to add some privacy measures to your outdoor backyard, you need to set a specific area.

You can invest in the gazebo, pergola or pavilion at WoodsShop for an additional level of privacy.

4. Bring all your home’s amenities outside

Moving all your home’s amenities out to your backyard living spaces allows you to make your backyard staycation more beautiful. Amenities can include outdoor kitchens & bars, backyard dining spaces, and outdoor living rooms with fireplaces & TVs.

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most important amenities that turn the space living-friendly since your family and guests can enjoy food together. Installing a full-on outdoor kitchen brings the backyard eating experience to life. For a foodie who always look outside to fire up the grill, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have.

You can also consider making the kitchen setup stylish and convenient using varieties of kitchen-oriented elements.

5. Set up lighting

Lighting in the area brings a perfect ambiance to the space and creates an awesome backyard. The right amount of illumination turns an average backyard into a spectacular retreat. If you do only one thing to spruce up your yard, give the lighting setup a shot. Whether you add bulbs across your patio or place portable lanterns, design your patio space in your own style to add a personalized touch of luminescence. On the other hand, string lights and an outdoor chandelier provide a moodier atmosphere to the backyard space.

6. Invest in quality furniture

Adding outdoor furniture is another one of the most effective ways to transform your backyard staycation. Make sure to check your outdoor furniture before you purchase. It shouldn’t be made of cheap materials that won’t last a single season. Thus, always go with quality-built outdoor furniture for your backyard living space. You can choose from outdoor-rated wood furniture or poly outdoor furniture which can last for years and is easy to maintain.

7. Build a firepit

Having a backyard firepit gives a sense of comfort and adds a resort-like feel to the ambiance of your backyard. Building a firepit doesn’t have to be expensive, you can DIY a firepit to make it an affordable deal. You can also learn a step-by-step guide on how to build a firepit online. Adding a firepit helps you and your kids experience a great fun night, and share stories.

Transform Your Home’s Backyard Today

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Why Should You Have a Backyard Staycation?

A backyard staycation is a great way to transform your home’s outdoor space into relaxing surroundings and provides an economical experience of a trip. Whether you want to spend the day reading by the pool or enjoying beverages on the front porch, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your staycation without leaving your home.

What are The Advantages of a Backyard Staycation?

Some popular advantages of a backyard staycation include spending time outdoors in nature, taking a walk or visiting parks and gardens, relaxing in a spa or hot tub, cooking dinner on the grill or firepit, and watching a movie or playing a game in the yard.