How to Choose a Pavilion for Your Backyard Space

How to Choose a Pavilion for Your Backyard

Adding a pavilion to your outdoors improves the curb appeal of your home and lets you enjoy every season in the outdoor space. There are lots of backyard pavilion ideas that make you overwhelmed. And when the time comes to choose your desired pavilion for your backyard, you might be skeptical of your choice because of the range of styles, features, and options available.  

In this article, we’ll guide you to know how to choose a pavilion for your backyard based on the styles, sizes, and other additional features we are going to take into consideration.

What Pavilion Style Most Appeals to you?

While a typical pavilion consists of a simple roof with four supporting posts, today’s pavilion designs come in different styles. There is a range of pavilion styles based on what suits you best. When choosing the desired pavilion style, you can start asking yourself a few questions to determine your preferences. Do you prefer relaxed country styling, rustic rough edges, or clean, modern designs? Or are you a stickler for clean edges?

If you are a fan of rustic design elements, you can take a look at the alpine pavilion that resembles a rustic ski lodge. The alpine pavilion is also a great choice for those who appreciate clean, simple lines and open-beamed construction.

On the other side, Hampton pavilions offer a glimpse of modern elegance, with a steeper roof slope than our traditional pavilions. The key to deciding on the style you want is to check them out in person to see what really draws you in.

If you can picture your new outdoor room, you’re on the right track which leads to the next step.

How Will You Use Your Pavilion?

Building a pavilion provides you with a new outdoor space to enjoy at your place. Your preferences can be visualized in how you want to use your new space to narrow down your choices even further.

  • You can organize a family gathering for barbecues or use a quiet time to read a good book
  • You can enjoy the nice weather to have an outdoor breakfast
  • You can use the pavilion to have a date night dinner 
  • You can organize pool parties for the neighborhood
  • You can add hanging plants or decorative lighting
  • You can make an inviting bar or outdoor kitchen.

All of these wishes and plans can help you create your desired pavilion for all your outdoor activities. Write down your ideas and be sure to share them with your pavilion builder, who can often make suggestions to make your new pavilion even better.

What Size of Pavilion do I Need?

Deciding on the right pavilion size for your backyard requires several factors into consideration. The first thing you need to do is to check the amount of available space.

A 12×12 area for a pavilion is for sure smaller to fit in the space. Other considerations you need to keep in mind when deciding on what size of the pavilion you need are the existing landscaping and structures.

You’ll want to make sure your new pavilion is designed to blend in with existing outdoor elements so it doesn’t look unfit. You may also want to outline the projected size of your pavilion to ensure there will be ample space to walk around the structure and access it easily.

Finally, consider what you’ll be adding to the pavilion. It’s best to purchase the largest structure that your yard and budget can fit in with so you can add the furniture, lighting, and accessories that suit you best, with plenty of room to grow.

Wood vs Vinyl – What Should You Choose?

Both wood and vinyl pavilions come with their advantages with their reason to purchase. Wood is generally considered more traditional but now works perfectly in modern styles. Wood has become more appealing because of its compelling look and value for money.

Moreover, wood is available in the widest of stain and paint choices, and pavilions can be customized for different looks and feel you can imagine. Vinyl, on the other hand, provides a simple experience that is appealing to many homeowners. With the availability of vinyl in white or ivory, it can easily blend with natural elements and the style of the home or other structures. Also, vinyl pavilions require very little maintenance once in a while.

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