6 Must have Pergola Accessories and Add Ons

Pergol Aaccessories

Pergola is a great investment to create a good-looking & relaxing backyard for your family and friends. But if you are looking to take your pergola to another level, adding pergola accessories and add-ons would help you.

Most homeowners are ready to customize their backyard pergola by decorating accessories. From string lights to heaters, you can fulfill your goal of giving a comfortable feel to your space.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the must-have accessories to add for your pergola.

1.  Pergola Lights

Outdoor lighting can make or break your backyard space. Good lighting brings your space to life, but it also ensures that your outdoor living areas are functional and safe to navigate after dark. Setting up lights under the pergola can maximize the life of the space and ensures that your outdoor living area is functional and safe to navigate even after dark.

You can choose from the countless options in the market to light up your pergola. Built-in lights are one of the best ways to add lighting to your pergola. These lights are seated within the structure of your pergola and create an appearance similar to the lighting you would see inside of your home. Make sure to keep in mind the budget you’ve since light integration can go expensive.

Apart from built-in lights, string lights can also be an affordable way to add lighting to your space. String lighting is popular throughout outdoor living spaces for several reasons. Not only is it a great way to bring ambiance to your yard, but it’s vastly less expensive than built-in lighting options.

2. Pergola Heaters

When its cold outside and you have pergola in your backyard, then adding pergola accessories like heaters would be your most helpful accessory to add on. If you don’t have friendly climate to spend some time under the pergola, heaters allows you to set the temperature that’s perfect for you to have a quality time.

Outdoor living is increasing in the households and so does the use of powerful pergola heaters for commercial as well as residential.

Now, you even have the option to fit your pergola with heaters to ensure a more relaxed environment. There are different prices range available in the heaters so that you choose to buy heater at your budget. Make sure the heater you are going to buy must a compatibility with your pergola.

3. Pergola Fans

Pergolas are designed to provide protection from sunny summer days and allow you to spend more time in the outdoors. For additional features, homeowners can add pergola fans in their backyard to bring more comfort to their structure. Like indoor ceiling fans, outdoor pergola fans also requires certain degree of wiring to work.

If you are looking to add a fan as a primary pergola accessories, talking to reliable landscape designer or contractor would be helpful. They will provide complete information related to cost, feasibility and help integrate a fan seamlessly into your pergola design.

4. Pergola Misters

Heat and wind are the primary concerns when installing your pergola but what about water? Pergolas now comes with the new innovative accessories to keep you and your family cool. With the pergola misters, you get one of the latest ways to increase comfort of your outdoor living space.

Misters are used to popular in weather amusement parks but now becomes the most effective way of prevent from heat during the hot summer months. Like fans or built in lighting, this pergola accessory will require expertise to install. Pergola misters comes with the multiple parts to function correctly. The misters must be installed, but parts such as pumps and filters also ensures perfect working of the mister. Paired with a fan, there’s on cooler place to be on a hot, summer day.

5. Curtains

Curtains provides you with little yet amazing indoor décor for your outdoor patio. Make sure you use weather friendly cloth and you can create an entertaining area that feels fancy without blowing your budget.

Curtains also allows you to provide more privacy when you are celebrating with your family. Even more when used in the summer days, your curtains help cover your pergola and lower the sunlight to cool down the inner temperature.

6. UV Screens

Everyone loves summer but no one wants to get sunburn. Shade from a traditional pergola accessories can help block the brunt of the summer sunshine, but powerful UV rays can still filter in. This is where UV screens helps to stop UV rays get passed. There are several approaches if you want to purchase a screen for your personal outdoor set up.

The direction you pick will determine the cost point of the project, and the overall finished look. Getting UV screens installed would surely allow you to get relaxed outside without being worried about potential sun damage. 

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