Questions To Ask Yourself For Choosing The Best Gazebo

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing A Gazebo

Are you planning to purchase the best gazebo? Or maybe you are thinking of carving your ideas into reality by doing some gazebo DIY. Whatever your plan is Gazebo in itself is an amazing toolshed that not just revives your entire home background but also satisfies your relaxation needs adding protection from several things such as sun, breeze, insects, and so on.  So, if you are a first-time buyer who has not performed brainstorming yet then don’t worry. The WoodShop craftsman team is here to help. We understand first-time buyers’ requirements so to guide you in choosing the best gazebo for your home.

In this article, we are listing six common questions that you must ask yourself for choosing the best gazebo according to your home and personal needs. But before you hop to the list you should understand first: 

What is a gazebo and how does it affect your outdoor living? 

Gazebos are the best structure to beautify and shade your outdoor area where you can chill and hang out with your friend, family, or even your furry buddy. A common example of outdoor gazebos you may find in parks, in gardens, or maybe in your neighbor’s backyard. 

As per its structure, these are compared to pergolas, pavilions, gondolas, and sunshades. However, their working mechanism differentiates them from each other. Since it’s a great staging way to shade your backyard area it also elevates your home design adding ornamental features and elements to it that directly increase your property’s worth

So, from above you must be clear about what a gazebo is and how it helps you in offering the best outdoor living. Now let’s move on to some common questions you could likely have:

List of 6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Choosing The Best Gazebo

1. Do I Really Need to Purchase a Gazebo? 

This must be the primary question you must ask yourself. It is important to become clear about whether you are really into this good investment or not. You must know whether adding a gazebo will fulfill your requirements or not (if any). 

For this, you can consider connecting with a designing and building company and sharing your thoughts and ideas with them. You can also discuss your home structure with them so according to that, they will design you the right gazebo structure and design. 

Buying a gazebo requires a good investment. So you need to be aware of every small and big requirement related to it. Along with this, having a clear mindset and clear sight about gazebo design, gazebo type, gazebo size as well as property type is important. So, discuss and invest smartly and accordingly. 

2. What Type of Gazebo Material Is Best for My Property? 

What Type of Gazebo Material Is Best for My Property? 

You will find four types of gazebo material in the market. These are

  • Wooden Gazebos –

A wooden gazebo build is best if you want to give your home a timeless, and rustic look.  These are highly cost-effective, offer longevity, and go best for outdoor builds. The best part is you can exceed your gazebo’s life by painting and adding weatherproofing to it. 

  • Timber Frame Gazebo –

Heavy timber gazebos can be termed a subcategory of wooden gazebos. These are best to offer you the rustic grandeur and jeweled backyard area adding a timeless traditional look to it.  

Such gazebos are quite in demand nowadays and can be customized as per client’s requirements. The common timber frame gazebos come in two shapes: (Oval-shaped timber gazebo) / (Dodecagon-shaped timber gazebo)

  • Vinyl Gazebo – 

Vinyl gazebos are referred to modern design and aesthetics. If you desire to get a smooth and clean gazebo build then a vinyl gazebo is the right fit for you. 

These are the famous alternatives to wooden gazebos as they are maintenance-free and easy to build compared to other categories of gazebos. However, it could increase your budget and is available in limited colors.

  • Aluminum Gazebo – 

Aluminum gazebos commonly known as grill or BBq gazebos are best in terms of budget and sturdiness. These are usually categorized under DIY gazebos that you can commonly find in stores. 

These are probably not the best gazebo if you are looking for a permanent solution. Such gazebos are commonly placed over the deck or patio to shade from temporary rain and heat. 

So, if you are looking for a maintenance-free alternative then a vinyl gazebo would be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you can ok with a little yearly expense but with a traditional touch then a wooden gazebo would be the best fit for your home exterior. 

3. What Type of Gazebo Build and Design Goes Best with My Property?

Gazebos come in multiple builds and designs to understand the proper fit for your home you can consider your home interior and exterior to determine the design. The six common but unique structures you may find in gazebo designs and can choose from are…

  • Victorian Gazebo 
  • Rotunda Gazebo
  • Pergola Gazebo
  • Pavilion Gazebo
  • Asian Gazebo
  • Folly Gazebo

Some people prefer to go with their traditional and ancestral designs that represent their culture and beliefs. And some prefer gazebo build and design to amplify the beauty of their home backyard and some to seek peace and shade. 

Consider choosing wisely among all six options. Discuss the design and components with your preferred gazebo designing team and go with the best one that came out of the discussion.

4. What Is the Best Place to Put a Gazebo? 

Gazebos are flat in structure so you can easily place them on any flat surface you think is most preferable to be. Before finalizing the place it is important to decide what your gazebo material would be. 

Along with having a clear mindset about whether you would like to place a gazebo under the shade or in an open area. Gazebos can be installed on any material including concrete or wood and can be placed over any other existing floors. 

5. What Gazebo Size Will Go Best with the Property? 

Different Styles of Gazebos?

Gazebos come in varied designs and styles. The most common shape of gazebo available are…

  • Eight sides – octagon gazebo 
  • Six sides – hexagon gazebo 
  • Round shaped gazebo 
  • Square gazebo
  • Dodecagonal
  • Rectangle gazebo 
  • Oblong gazebo 

Apart from these, some unique gazebo designs you can choose from are the ones we have mentioned above. Based on your purposes such as..

  • Outdoor dining and cooking – the rectangle and square gazebo goes best 
  • Get together or family functions – the square is best
  • Hot tubs – rectangle gazebos go best
  • Poolside- hexagon gazebo goes best
  • Receptions – square or octagon gazebo and so on. 

6. Should I Consider Different Styles of Gazebos? 

Gazebo customization or adding additional gazebo features options are always available for creative living beings. If you have some incredible design skills or desire to accentuate the preferred gazebo structure then you will get countable options and different styles of gazebos to choose from.

Primarily wooden gazebos are the ones that are easy to mold and in adding elements whereas vinyl gazebos are the ones that could give you less space to work on. Additional elements such as…

Customized Flooring

  • Wood Pallets 
  • Flagstone 
  • Marble
  • Tiles and Pavers
  • Cement 
  • Vinyl Tropical Decking 
  • PVC Decking 

Designer Blusters/ Railings 

  • Cross railing design 
  • Dutch style 
  • Tokyo Style
  • No Nails Railing 
  • Alternating Diagonal Railing 
  • Scroll Saw Cut Pattern Over Turned Balusters

Customized Shingles

  • Ashpat Shingles
  • Rubber Slates 
  • Metal Roofing
  • Cedar Shakes

Roofing for The Roof of Gazebos 

  • Cupola & Pagoda Roof
  • Standard Roof
  • Pinnical Roof
  • Wooden Frame with fabric Roof 
  • Glass Roof 
  • Laid-back Gazebo with Foliage and Shade
  • Bell Roof 

In a Nutshell

Adding a gazebo to your backyard can truly do wonders to prettify your home. Purchasing and installing a gazebo incorporates several benefits that you can avail of on the weekends. Consider the above list of questions and ask them yourself so you can choose the best gazebo out of the rest based on your requirements.

You can also take the help of your chosen gazebo designing and building firm to guide you in your selection process. If you have not connected with such a firm yet, then you can reach out to our creative builders. We offer complete designing and building solutions and customized garden, landscape, and patio structure kits that will come easy on your budget. You can also check out our featured projects page where we have displayed our recent wooden gazebo USA work.  

So, if you are all done with your brainstorming homework, but looking for help, then do connect with our extremely passionate and creative team. We love to beautify your home turning your vision into reality.